BEWARE: Lynx on the loose

Hello and hi. Pictured above is a lynx. Am guessing you already know, that a lynx is any of the FOUR species within the Lynx genus of medium-sized wild cats, which includes the bobcat.

Also, the name ‘lynx’ originated in Middle English via Latin from the Greek word λύγξ, derived from the Indo-European root leuk (light, brightness) in reference to the luminescense of its reflective eyes. So yeah, a lynx is a big wild cat. In addition, the lynx is a solitary cat (aren’t they all?) but sometimes they will travel and hunt together. I mean…we all do it. Right? Right. I am usually am. Mostly. Ha.

So recently, a lynx escaped from a zoo here in England. It caused plenty of fear and upset. In fact, small children (whom I refer to as: littles) were being kept indoors. Yup. All doors and windows were firmly shut. And chairs were wedged underneath doors. Not a word of a lie…. I am not even making this up. Nope.

In fact, police with helicopters/choppers/ police heli’s- along with night vision equipment were recently looking for said lynx, which had apparently absconded from a Devon zoo. Ok…erm…who is in charge of making sure ALL cages are locked? Asking for a friend

Am guessing that the police in Devon don’t have much work there in terms of criminals and therefore, find it necessary to use their precious  resources, hunting animals which have absconded.  I do understand. Or not. I don’t understand this at all. This would *never* happen back home. Never in a million years. Nope. I think you get the point…at least I hope you do. Please tell me you do.


Aww…super cute. Born FREE.


Some background info (you may or may not find helpful)

Flavia, a 2 year old male lynx arrived at Dartmoor Zoo, near Plymouth last Wednesday. Am guessing he was taken there against his will. No lynx willingly chooses a zoo over FREEDOM. Ever…

So anyway, the following morning, said zoo keepers went to check on Flavia-to see how he had settled in. And guess what? NO Flavia.  Flavia had absconded. Oh my days. She what???  Who let the Lynx out? HA. Anyway, turns out that lynx chewed through a board in its enclosure and broke out. Flavia went in search of his freedom and acted accordingly. Yes indeed. Run, Flavia, run. You got this.  Live Free or Die.…as they say in Montana. Gotcha…they say that in: NEW HAMPSHIRE. Please remember that. Thanks. Ha.

Image result for image of new hampshire flag

                                                                                                                 Image: All Flags World

So anyway….meanwhile…

Devon and Cornwall Police had subsequently warned residents in a nearby village that a rather large cat was on the prowl.  A rather large cat? Oh my days. I guess they did not want to alarm any one.  With that measured amount of a gentle warning, the local schools did not open that day for fear of the school children/littles being eaten by a wild lynx…or a rather large cat.

FYI… lynx feed on a wild variety of animals to include:

  • deer
  • fish
  • foxes
  • squirrels
  • turkeys
  • birds
  • goats and
  • squirrels

In the history of the world, lynx have never been known to eat school children/littles. I am telling the truth here-I really am. Please believe me.

In addition to the police on the prowl for a rather large cat, members of the British Big Society in Plymouth tried to look for Flavia with a thermal imaging camera. Still NO Flavia.

In addition, The Zoo staff also set 25 humane traps in and around the zoo but you know what-Flavia was way too smart to get caught. Zoo operations manager, George Hyde said Flavia was delivered into his enclosure at 7pm… by 730pm he was settled and was tucking into the mini bar- that was in his cage. I kid.

The keepers saw that Flavia was ok and retired for the evening. When they checked on Flavia the next morning at 10am he was G-O-N-E. That clever Lynx had found a weakness on the interior of the cage-which had not been discovered by the previous Lynx who had lived in that very same enclosure for 8 years. 8 years. Please read that last bit thrice. Thanks/Cheers.

A few days went by and…still NO Flavia. You see that Lynx had voted ‘leave’ in BREXIT/the referendum. And that is exactly what he did. Flavia is free and he ain’t never coming back. Ahem…you hear me, EU? I am talking to EU. (Haaa)

And WHY this post on a lynx? Well, I simply can not (nor will I) today nor tomorrow… blog about:BREXIT…as well as…

  • Tereasa May
  • Andrea Leadsom
  • Michael Gove
  • Andy Murray
  • NATO

Blogging about Flavia seemed like a good topic today. It sure did. Hope you enjoyed it.


#BewareFlavia  #FlaviaIsFreeNow #RunFlaviaRun



  1. healthyindiankitchen · July 10, 2016

    These cats are damn smart. Interesting post 😃

    • samdfb1 · July 10, 2016

      Ahh thanks. Not my usual post but enjoyed writing it. Thanks for the read. What’s for lunch? Am sure it will be delish! 😉

      • healthyindiankitchen · July 10, 2016

        Keeping it simple with lobia pulao and yogurt raita! 😉

      • samdfb1 · July 10, 2016

        Sounds fab. Am having salmon. Which is hah-larious as my surname is ‘Bacon’ yet I am a vegetarian. Karma! 😉

      • healthyindiankitchen · July 10, 2016

        Hahaha! Lol! Really your surname is Bacon? Salmon is my favorite fish. High time need to put up a salmon recipe soon! 😀

      • samdfb1 · July 10, 2016

        Waha!it really is! Oh great-will look out for it and incorporate link in a future post, if you dont mind. 😉

      • healthyindiankitchen · July 10, 2016

        Sure I will be most glad 🙂

      • samdfb1 · July 10, 2016

        great. thanks. 😉

  2. samdfb1 · 26 Days Ago

    Reblogged this on Life in London.

  3. Phil Taylor · 26 Days Ago

    What? No more Brexit posts? Where will I get my Brexit news? On a related note, I have a wonderful new pet cat. Pictures to follow once the heat has died down.

    • samdfb1 · 26 Days Ago

      hahahahah…relax, mate. It is all good. Of course I will have more BREXIT posts. I mean…duh. Just updating all my old posts. So…once I am all done…the Brexit posts shall re-commence. I mean…do NOT get me started on Donald Tusk…Ughh.

      Good news re the new pet cat. Hope book sales are thru the roof! Ha. Ciao..

  4. Fred · 25 Days Ago

    Lynx are secretive critters and hard to find in the field. I have only seen one in the wild in 50 years of outdoor life. Flavia might have been wild caught and the previous lynx might have been reared captive. It would make a big difference in their attitudes. The Eurasian lynx can get up to 30 kilos. That is a cat who can take down a deer. Yet it seems to adapt to domestic life well if raised from a kitten.

    Tha Canadian lynx is about half that size. It too, can deal well with people. The bobcat, a smaller member of the lynx family is a bit smaller.

    • samdfb1 · 25 Days Ago

      Wow! Thanks so much. Amazing. Informative. Haha…I think you should’ve written this post instead of me! Really interesting, mate. Cheers. Ahh…thanks 4 the link…will watch. Defo.

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