A Letter to Oz…

Well hello Australia, how’s you? Look, I just wanted to clear a few things up-please know that I have NO beef with you. In addition, truth be told, I have gotten on rather well with every Australian I ever met here in London Town. So yeah, we cool. But really now, you need to apologise…

So this happened. This guy by the name of Ben Cohen, an American, and contributing editor at Vanity Fair recently profiled your Margot Robbie. He said some unkind things. I do apologise on his behalf. He made massive generalisations about your fine country. He was wrong and he was a jerk. But I was none too pleased with your response to Cohen. If you apologise, I shall surely accept. Some background for those of you who may not be familiar with this story. Pictured below is actress, Margot Robbie. She seems nice.


Ben Cohen, contributing editor for Vanity Fair magaine recently published a profile on Margot Robbie. She is a pretty hot tamale and many say Australia’s most successful export (after Russell Crowe). You see, Margot Robbie is in the new Tarzan film-so it was only natural that Vanity Fair put her on their cover and subsequently profiled her.

Richard Cohen, remarked that to appreciate Robbie fully-readers should remember where she hailed from. Wow. I can just imagine him saying that in a sneeringly, haugty and unkind manner. He said, “She is from Australia-to understand her, you should think about what that means. Australia is America 50 years ago, sunny and slow, a throwback, which is why you go there for throwback people. They still live and die with the plot turns of soap operas.” Ouch and hot damn. That was pretty harsh. Actually it was kind of rude. Cohen has probably never even been to Australia.  Well, as you can imagine, more than a few Australians got pretty cross-especially with the word “throwback.” This is how they responded:

Joe Hinderbrand, an Australian TV presenter said ” it must be said that any country that is currently running Donald Trump as a presidential candidate is in no position to be calling Australia a throwback.” Err..maybe she has a point. But sorry (not sorry) Hinderbrand was bang out of order. First of all, Joe-if you are reading this, please take a step back.  Ok, I do not nor will I ever support Donald Trump but I don’t like to hear disparaging views about my country. So let’s be clear on a few things:

  • Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee
  • ‘currently running’? No, love. We have an democratic electoral process here, we don’t actually vote until November.
  • Before you point fingers at the US,  please note that your elections are currently a mess. It looks as though you are going to have a coalition goverment. BTW…those never work out. So Joe…kettle meet pot. That is all.

Then of course some other Australians chimed in (I don’t blame them really, but be nice you guys, honestly). Liliana Molina, who writes for the Courier Mail said in response to Cohen ” perhaps its time you got in your time machine and flitted over the Pacific to Australi to ahve a good look at normal society.” Yikes. Oh Molina, you really ought not to have said that. First of all..’time machine’? ‘flitted’? Are you  writing to the nation or are you writing a children’s fantasy book? Oh, and please tell me what a ‘normal society’ is..as I really would like to know.  Liliana: keep calm and carry on. That is all.

Margot Robbie’s reluctance

You see Margot Robbie has previously told journalists that she was reluctant to speak about her childhood growing up in Queensland. Fair enough. But you know what- Margot-this is your opportunity to speak and demolish any existing stereotypes that people have about you and your beloved Australia. But if you don’t want to…I get it. But just know that the invitation is still open to do so.

Here is Margot pictured below. My goodness, could she be ANY more beautiful? Err….nope.

Final thoughts (and I have a few)

So in brief, Cohen was kind of being a jerk with his ‘throwback’ comment and his erroneous write up on Margot. He didn’t exactly get off to a good start in the article when he wrote that Margot was ” blonde with dark roots…tall but only with the help of certain shoes. She can be sexy adn composed even while naked but only in character.” What the what? It was no suprise that social media went into meltdown when they read Cohen’s words and responded with “creepy” “voyeuristic” “sexist” and “the worst writing ever.”Well. Maybe. Maybe not.

So yeah, Cohen said some unkind things. Australia responded. America (and a certain blogger) got cross. Come on guys, let’s just kiss and make up. That is all.




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