60 (Part 1)

Hello and hi. The woman pictured above is 60 years old. Oh my word. How gorgeous is she? Ok, she is probably wearing loads of makeup…like a lot. But she looks good. Clearly good genes are in play here, along with a nip and a tuck and a smattering of of Botox, but this is one good looking granny. As for me, when I am 60? Well, please see below-the woman with the hat and dressed in dark colours and large accessories. That will totally be ME. That being said, they say that while beauty fades-dumb lasts forever. Kind of harsh. Kind of true. Allow me to explain myself. Please and thanks.

In my opinion, when you turn 60, you should by then, have a modicum of sense or at least an iota of sense. If not, perhaps a small fragment no bigger than a shard of fiberglass. I think you get the point.  I certainly hope that by the time I turn 60 I am wise if not a smart alec or cookie.

I recently came across TWO stories that involved women in their 60’s who have made some interesting choices in life. Like dumb ones.  Neither them of them with an ounce of sense in my opinion. Oh sure, you may disagree with me- but don’t worry, we still cool.

Lindsay Sandiford

British grandmother, Lindsay Sandiford, has celebrated her 60th birthday…in jail. A jail in Bali. Sandiford, a former legal secretary (WHAT?) from North Yorkshire, was sentenced to death in January 2013 by a court in Indonesia after being found guilty of smuggling cocaine into Bali.

What the what? Can you imagine if your grandmother was a jailbird? Not even judging. Sandiford turned 60 last week, and even held a party for fellow inmates and supporters, in jail, even though she has recently learned that she may be fast-tracked for execution. So sad.

Lindsay Sandiford held a party for fellow inmates and supporters as the Indonesia government prepares to send a group of foreign convicts to the firing squad this week

Sandiford has been on death row since 2012, after admitting trying to smuggle cocaine worth £1.6m through the holiday island’s airport. She claimed a drugs syndicate had threatened the life of her son if she did not co-operate. Am not sure if that was her defence, but am guessing it was. Yikes. No doubt the British consulate in Bali is assisting her in every way possible. Respect.  As Sandiford celebrated her birthday with pizza, blueberry cheesecake and soft drinks-she seemed happy, yet resigned to her fate. She later commented, ‘I want to make the best of the time I have left.’ During her party, she watched video messages from family members in Britain. After blowing out her candles, Sandiford joked to inmates: ‘Thanks for coming. Your taxis are waiting outside.’ While everyone laughed, no one left. Well, they left and returned to their allocated cells.

This story is profoundly sad on many levels. They execute people in Bali. Goodness. Sandiford is 60. She should be home in Britain baking cakes, taking caravan holidays and tending to her garden and having friendly chats with her fishmonger or butcher regarding the weather. I mean, this is what retirement is all about-I am told. Sadly, this is not her reality and she is has now been labeled by the press as a ‘drug mule grandmother’. And as for her family, they don’t have their nan around to go shopping with or even to talk to about unimportant things with great gravity. No birthdays, anniversaries or Sunday roasts with trifle will be eaten or enjoyed. Very sad indeed.




  1. quiall · July 4, 2016

    Stupid knows no boundaries.

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