Waxing Lyrical about Wales

Hello and hi. I am pleased to blog about Wales’ absolutely stunning 3-1 win over Belgium last night. It was fantastic to watch! Now that England is out, the Nation is firmly behind Wales. Imagine for a moment how lovely it was to watch the telly and no one said ‘BREXIT’ for 90 minutes. I thought I had died and had entered a BREXIT-free heaven zone. I am sure such a zone exists. So this happened…

Wales manager, Chris Coleman told BBC Sport: ‘Don’t be afraid to have dreams.” The win/result secured Wales’ FIRST semi-final place at a major tournament and came against the team second in Fifa’s official world rankings-Belgium. The Prime Minister David Cameron tweetd: “Amazing performance, amazing result.” Boy, wasn’t he releived to be talking about something other than politics? I am guessing he was.

Wales were ranked 117th in the world in October 2011-with Coleman facing calls to quit his role from some. But now, Wales have reached the last FOUR in their FIRST major finals since the 1958 World Cup. Just wow. Do you even remember what you were doing in 1958?

Later, Coleman, 46, added: “Four years ago I was as far away from this as you could imagine…I’m enjoying it, it’s great and we deserve it.” Followed by, “If you work hard enough and you’re not afraid to dream then you’re not afraid to fail. I’m not afraid to fail. Everybody fails. I have had more failures than I’ve had success.” Wow, you just gotta love this guy, Chris Coleman. He is right up my street. Not literally, of course.

Wales’ victory against Belgium means that Gareth Bale, 26, will face his Real Madrid team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo in Wednesday’s semi-final against Portugal. Ahh Portugal. I should be supporting Ronaldo for a host of reasons-I mean he is in my tribe. But sorry (not sorry) during this entire tournament, Ronaldo has been ill-tempered and missing shots on goal. In brief, he has been acting like a little baby. And if I were ever to meet the great and almighty Ronaldo-I would tell him exactly what I told you…to his face. Let’s hope that day never comes. Anyway, pictured below are Ronaldo and Bale.

Interestingly, after winning their opening game against Slovakia 2-1, Wales was beaten by England in their second Group B match. It is fair to say that my team, Wales, has certainly learned from their mistakes. Sorry England but I am #TeamWales. Come on Wales.

Am terribly excited for Wales to beat Portugal on Wednesday. Yes, I said it. That being said, Wales is one of my favourite places. I heart Wales so much. Who knows, maybe one day I will even retire there, among the malachite coloured hills that are scattered there and where flying dragons once made their nests-I am told. Here is a picture of me in Wales (pretending to be a weather lady).

Wales 2007 088

Go Wales Go!






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