Hello and hi. In case you missed it, we here in the UK are having a terribly rough time. Bad. Real bad.I may have to put 2 sugars in my tea. It is that bad.  It all started with the results of the EU referendum, then the pound plummeted…then the Prime Minister was all: ‘Buh Bye’ THEN, Iceland kicked England out of the Euro 2016 in a humiliating style. I mean, mad props to Iceland-they are doing it. Come on Iceland! And they are the book version of ‘The Little Engine that Could’ but come.on. Iceland….did you have to make us look so bad? Why Iceland. Why? What did we ever do to you? Sigh.

Like I said. Things have been bad round these parts on this not so small island. But guess what? The German paper Zeit Online decided it needed to cheer the Brits up a bit and show a bit of appreciation. Yeah people of Germany….and thanks! Zeit Online asked its readers to list things they like about the UK.

Initial tweet

And loads of German people responded to the rallying call to uplift the Brits. The hashtag #WeLoveUKBecause started trending in Germany as thousands of people used it-which of course confirmed their affection for Britain. Yeah. As you will see below, German peeps are true lovers of may things British and have demonstrated this in their tweets as they listed various aspects of British life from culture to sport to tea to weather. Take a look:

Tea tweet

Muppet Show tweet

A queue

Fish&chips tweet

Tweet admiring the London landscape

Aww how sweet. Sweet like chocolate…you know like the song? But really, very sweet of the German people. Thanks!

Cheers/Auf Wiedersehen


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