What Europeans think about British Culture

Hello and hi. How do Americans see the English? Well, read my blog and find out. Please & thanks.

But how do Europeans see the English? Well, I recently conducted a pretty unoffical survey on UK based Europeans-on how they view the Brits. Knowledge is power, people. This is what they said…

Europeans think that British people say ‘sorry’ a lot. They do. But ‘sorry’ can mean oh so many things. For example: sorry can be-agressive, passive-agressive, or really… just the true meaning of the word.

Next, this business about separate hot and cold taps. Why? So, when you wash your hands do you have to move them from side to side just to get them wet? And what if I want warm water? I guess I just fill up the basin/sink? Lawd. Is it even clean? Is there soap scum? The struggle is real.


Queues. Man oh man, queues are a necessary evil here in the UK. But in other parts of Europe, fights, marriages, divorces and deals go down while standing in queues. The British, will wait patiently while in a queue/line. If they get cross, while waiting in a queue-they will say: ‘Err…Christmas is coming (and it is almost November). It simply means: ‘how much longer must I wait…Christmas is nearly here…I have got stuff to do.’  I just love that about the Brits. A little sarcasm goes a long way. For real.

As for slang, well-it may be hard for some Europeans to get to grips with-especially if it involves Cockney Rhyming Slang. Yup. Also, calling people: ‘mate’, ‘love’ ‘darling’ et al. seems odd-especially if the person is a complete stranger. Hey, we are are ALL just one big family.

Last but not least, Europeans probably wonder why British people talk about the weather so much. Well, would you rather them talk about BREXIT? Please. No. No more talk about BREXIT. But you have to admit, the weather here is cray-cray (crazy). I mean, it is not unusual to experience 4 seasons in one day. Oh and I hope you know how to layer and don’t forget your brollie. Oh and if it is windy-leave that brollie at home. For real.

In closing, I think Europeans rather admire the British for their qualities and quirks in equal measure- and are sad to see them ‘go’. Let’s hope that we still have a ‘special relationship’ with them, post EU.  See…I didn’t even say the ‘B’ word. How great is that? Pretty great if you ask me.

Cheers/Tally Ho/ Auf Wiedersehen/Adios/Au Revoir



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