Taylor and Tom (Update)

What a gent! James Bond hopeful Tom was seen planting a tender kiss on Taylor's hand, looking every inch the English gentleman 

Hello and hi. I admit, I was a bit harsh on Taylor Swift and her boyfriend of 2 weeks, Tom Hiddleston, the other day. I am not sorry for what I said, I am only sorry that I said it in such a mean way. I mean, I am all about diplomacy. Mostly. Usually. Rarely. I think you get the point.

Check it, everyone is entitled to be in love and feel loved at all times. But come.on. Taylor just broke up with Calvin Harris. Apparently, their relationship went South for a couple of reasons. He was recently involved in a car accident-he’s ok but was pretty banged up. Taylor was NOT driving. Post-recovery he had to choose between his physical pain as a result of the accident and the pain of hearing his girlfriend sing. We all have to make choices in this life. He subsequently chose to dump Taylor. So sad, too bad. But Taylor has picked herslef up and found herself a new man, our Tom. No Taylor. Just no. I am guessing you did not read my previous post. Please do.

Here are some pictures from the loved up duo. I would like to point out that while her yellow sun dress is nice and all-well, not all of us can wear a dress like that. Not all of us are skinny minnies. Me? I guess I am average size and only 5’6 tall. And I wear a lot of dark colours-I shy away from bright colours (although I do own a pair of orange trousers from the GAP).

So, here are the pictures. They do look happy, and that is all anyone can ask for. Oh and if you like the yellow dress of hers, it is by The Reformation and will cost approximately £134.

Passionate kiss: The pair - who have only been dating for a few weeks - could barely keep their hands off each other during their sightseeing tour 

Err…I have been out of the game for a while now. But is this how you kiss after 2 weeks of dating? Sheesh. It appears as though she is hungry and is eating his entire head. Is she a female praying mantis or what? She is far too skinny-please someone, give that girl a burger. Please and thanks.

Below, Tom is all: ‘here: drink this-just stop singing…’

Tactile couple: The pair were holding hands throughout their dinner, looking completely smitten with each other

Here is the loved up pair, reading my blog post on them…oh how I wish

Snap happy: Taylor and Tom looked like every other couple at the historic ruins, taking photographs and selfies on the site

Here they are flanked by assistants. Uggh. I could never be a celeb.

Make way! The A-list duo were flanked by an army of assistants and security guards as they made their way through the crowd of tourists

Well, what can I say? They look happy. I give them 6 weeks, followed by a new album by Taylor Swift. Yup.

Hand-in-hand: It was plain to see the passion between the pair as they locked hands 





  1. nbratscott · June 30, 2016

    6 weeks? No way!! what’s the over/under?

  2. nbratscott · June 30, 2016

    You predicted 6 weeks. I want the over/under to bet on their longevity!!

    • samdfb1 · July 1, 2016

      Ahh…ok. I get it-I understand. But I feel bad making such a prediction now. So mean!

  3. Yvonne · July 1, 2016

    Oh, young lust …

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