How (NOT) to pull a tooth

Hello and hi. I have been to the dentist more times than I care to admit. In addition, in my life I have FIRED 2 periodontists. Yes, yes I have. I mean…come.on. I may not be a qualified dentist but I think I know how to brush and deal with my gnashers (teeth). BTW, I hope you guys are flossing twice daily- because you really ought to. Really.

This story comes out of the US. Not my usual post-but any story dealing with dentists, I am kind of all over it. I am like the unofficial ombudsman of dentists here in the UK. Yes, yes I am. So check it, a pilot from VA recently removed his 7 year old son’s tooth by tying it to his helicopter. Please read that sentence again.What the what? He hates his son? Was his son naughty? More importantly, the Mum allowed this? Or did she fear for her own teeth if she dared speak up?

Rick Rahim is a pilot and flies helicopters for a living. Rahim decided to take out his son Carson’s tooth in a rather unique way…and later posted the video online for his online antics. Again, where was the Mum? Rahim said “Rick said: “We connected rope to fishing wire and tied that to his tooth. I got in the helicopter and up, up, and the tooth went away”. Rahim lifted the helicopter approximately 5-10 feet in the air and backed away, removing the tooth. Thankfully, Rahim tested the method before using it on his son. He later commented, “We had one lady say, ‘if it doesn’t break you’ll lift him up in the air!’ – but we ran tests and the only thing that could have broken would be the fishing line”.

Oh my word. Long gone are the days when your parents tied your tooth to a string attached to a door, then slammed it shut. Have I asked the pertinent question: where was the mum? In the finish, the tooth came out and son, Carson is fine. As for Rahim, well, his wife is none too pleased with him. The last I heard, Rahim is on the naughty step…shaking his head and grinding his teeth. Yes,  yes he is.




  1. Phil Taylor · June 21, 2016

    LOL, yes, the fishing line would have broken, but possibly without first giving quite a tug on the kids head. While I am sure the child was complicit in this act, the father did put his son at risk of an injury. The father should have someone from Child Services speak to him, and I’ll be surprised if that doesn’t happen. Like you, I too am an aficionado of dentists and dental work thanks to an accident when I was very young. ( Also when I was young, I saw my parents do the string tied to the door tooth removal with my older brother. After witnessing that, as soon as I felt a tooth getting loose, I would regularly wiggle it until I extracted it myself.

    • samdfb1 · June 21, 2016

      Oh gosh. I too was thinking Child Services should be contacted. I mean, really. Ahh, thanks for the link-will def. read. On another note-do you remember how much money you used to get from the tooth fairy? I think I used to get a buck. But today, kids seem to get about $5-$20. What is that about? I mean, if that is the going rate, and I was a kid…I might be prematurely wiggling my teeth…all of them. Lol.

      • Phil Taylor · June 21, 2016

        I think I got maybe 50 cents. I think the tooth fairy thing is ind of dying off from what I hear from friends that are parents. Not even the Dwayne Johnson movie could save it.

      • Yvonne · June 22, 2016

        The tooth fairy wasn’t born when I was a kid. Poor me, literally.

      • samdfb1 · June 22, 2016

        Oh dear…

  2. Phil Taylor · June 21, 2016

    I was just going to my blog to post something, but when I click on WordPress it opened to Reader and there you were. I can never resist one of your posts. Cheers!

    • samdfb1 · June 21, 2016

      Ahh great! Super! I like the way you talk. Ditto mate, your posts make me laugh out loud. For real.

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