The Patron’s Lunch

Salutations. Today is the Patron’s Lunch-the last event of three days of celebrations to mark the Queen’s official 90th birthday. I would like to add here that my birthday is on Thursday. Yes, yes it is.  That being said, The Patron’s Lunch is due to attract 10K guests, many of whom were given ponchos to shield them from the torrential rain and heavy outbursts of wind, rain and ice (ok there was no ice) which have been unleashed upon this island. And when I say “island” just know that this is not a small island. The UK is rather big for an island, I am told. Anyway, so funny/typical/normal that it is raining today. Today of all days. But you know what, no one seems to mind too much. Following the lunch, a carnival parade will commence at 12:00BST.  The event has been organised by the Queen’s grandson, Peter Phillips. Further, the open-air lunch and parade are being held to recognise the Queen’s patronage of more than 600 organisations and charities in the UK and around the Commonwealth.

Security, as you can imagine, has been pretty tight.  Guests have all paid £150 each to attend and will go through body scanners, before taking a seat at picnic tables-which have been set up along the Mall. £150 is quite a lot of “dosh” or “wonga”  which simply means, it is a lot of cash. In fact £150 is $213USD.  In nearby St. James Park, families have brought their own picnics in hounour of the Queen. So you see, you don’t need money to have a good time. Yes. In addition, while the main event takes place-people around Britain are having street parties of their own, to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.

Here are some pictures from The Patron’s Lunch. Hope you like.

Picnic eaters on The Mall

The Mall

A woman attending the Patron's Lunch.

This is an artists impression…hence, the sun.

Everyone who attends The Patron’s Lunch, will get a hamper from Marks and Spencers.

Some happy/drunk people braving the rain at the Mall, site of The Patron’s Lunch

Pictured below, is Peter Phillips, the Queen’s grandson. He organised The Patron’s Lunch. Am pretty sure he had loads of help, but well done to our Peter for planning such a smashing event for his Nan….I mean, the Queen.




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