Royal Love

Love and support: The Queen and Prince Philip wear matching pale pink in this photograph, released on Prince Philip's 95th birthday

The above picture was released to mark the 95th birthday of Prince Phillip, the Queen’s husband. Prince Phillip turns 95 years young today. As you can see the couple are both wearing matching pale pink, which means that they either had nothing else to wear or that their colour coordinated effort to match their clothing colour, symbolises their deep love and affection for one another. I could be right either way you look at it. Yes, indeed.

When Prince Phillip married the then Princess Elizabeth in 1947 he was described as “rough” and “ill mannered.” And while he has certainly cleaned up his act over the years, there are times he can be a bit gruff. At times he can be outspoken and tactless-but then again, sometimes we are all guilty of that. Not me. Of course me. A while back our Phillip was posing for a photograph at last year’s Battle of Britain anniversay. While most of the men pictured were in uniform, our Phillip was in a lounge suit. Well it turned out that the photographer was dithering (sometimes this happens) and some people got bored, even angry from all the photographer’s dithering.  How did Prince Phillip react? He sharply barked “Just take the f***ing picture!” Yikes. Within a nanosecond, the photographer did his thing.

Still smiling: The newlyweds after their wedding in 1947


At an event at St Paul's to mark the Queen's 80th in 2006


Their marriage has been a long one and forged in love, loyalty and laughter. I will not spend too much time on the fact that the Queen and her husband are distantly related, as they both share the same great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. Promise not go on about this, it is kind of weird, but it is something I thought you should know. Yes, yes I did.

Prince Phillip makes the Queen laugh every day, and that is all anyone can ask for. His deep love and loyalty for his wife, the Queen, has made him the perfect royal partner. Respect.

Secret to their relationship: Prince Philip and the Queen are captured in an informal picture taken during a visit to Cumbria in 1991

Affection: Princess Elizabeth takes her husband's arm as they step out for a stroll while on honeymoon in Hampshire, 1947

Growing family: A young Princess Anne reaches out to touch her father's face as he poses for a photo with the Queen and Prince Charles

United: The Queen and Prince Philip with their children (from left) Princess Anne, Prince Charles, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew

And one more gem from our Phillip before I end. He once said to the matron of a Caribbean hospital upon seeing a press photographer fall out of a tree in Pakistan: “You have mosquitoes. I have the Press…I hope to God he breaks his bloody neck.” Yikes. As you can see, Prince Phillip does not have a lot of patience/love/time for photographers.

Lasting love: The Queen takes Prince Philip's hand as the royal couple leave a service of commemoration for fallen British troops

Happy Birthday Your Royal Highness and you too Ma’am. Upon the first time meeting the Queen you address her as “Your Majesty” but after that “Ma’am” is deemed appropriate and generally ok to use. Knowledge is power, people.



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