Meet Eric Bailly…

Eric Bailly has mad football skills. Born on 12 April 1994, he is an Ivorian professional football player who plays for the Spanish Club Villarreall CF, mostly as a central defender. And although we have never met, I am sure he is a nice guy. But you know what, am guessing he is not worth £30 million. Most of us are not. I do wonder, if that is indeed your worth, Eric. How did it come to be? Have you found a cure for breast cancer? Zika virus? Lyme disease? Did you do something so amazing ,that we the rest of the world could only repay you with accolades and a cheque for £30 million? Do tell.  Ohhh…you are a football player. You play football professionally. Yes, I could tell by your watch in the above picture.

Bailly is supposed to have his medical this week. And terms are thought to have been agreed with the 22year old, who will cost the Red Devils about £30m. Bailly joined Villarreal for £4.4m in January 2015 and played in every game. Well good, at least he is not lazy.

Spanish football expert, Andy West, upon his analysis of Bailly said:

  • Bailly’s reputation has soared this season, which saw him play a key role as Villarreal sealed Champions League qualification, and it’s no surprise to see him make a big-money move this summer.
  • His prime asset is his extremely impressive physical presence, with his powerful aerial ability complimenting his pace and strength in the tackle.
  • The brave and determined 22-year-old has less than 50 league games under his belt, though, so United fans should perhaps not expect him to immediately become an automatic starter.
  • He can sometimes concede possession in dangerous areas and doesn’t always show composure under pressure, but Bailly possesses all the physical tools necessary to succeed and the rest should come with more experience.

Nice praise. But he doesnt’t always show composure under pressure? Oh dear. Well, at 22 years old he is still a baby, in my opinion. I should really give the poor chap a break. Not a chance. Really now, £30m? That is all.



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