Michael Parkinson and Muhammad Ali



Michael Parkison also known as Sir Michael Parkinson CBE is an English broadcaster, journalist and author. Best known for presenting his long-running tv show “Parkinson” from 1971 to 1982 and then later from 1998 to 2007-in addition to other talk shows and programmes both in the UK and internationally. In addition, he is alos known as a radio broadcaster. Parkinson has been desribed by The Guardian newspaper as “the great British talkshow host.” Parkinson is loved by the people who inhabit this small island and am pretty sure he is loved beyond these shores too. Michael Parkinson interviewed Mohammed Ali FOUR times. Pretty sure you can find these interviews on Youtube. Have enclosed a link for you-a compilation of their various interviews. Mind, it is 7 minutes long. But I can  assure you that it will be the best 7 minutes of your day. Truth. Enjoy.






  1. Yvonne · June 5, 2016

    He was one in a million, for sure!

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