Family Fun Day

Well now, look who recently had a family fun day. Our Kate, I mean The Duchess of Cambridge and her little ones. Glad to see the family is doing well and that mother and son are wearing matching clothes-shows solidarity-not too mention it is quite fashionable. We all aspire to dress like our parents. And just look at Prince George-that face. So cute. Princess Charlotte is pretty cute too with that bow in her hair. As for Kate, she looks good too. She always looks good. Mind, she does look a tad tired but with 2 small children and all the cooking and cleaning she has to do-you would look tired too. It is nice to see that they look like a normal family (they are not) and do normal things like attend the 4 day International horse trials-sorry, but ‘normal’ people don’t go to horse trials. They simply don’t. Anyway, glad to see they are all doing well. Have enclosed some pictures for your viewing pleasure. You are most welcome.

Princess Charlotte smiles in her mother's arms as they watch the equestrians make their way around the course

The Cambridges were joined by their friend James Meade who lives locally and recently married his wife Lady Laura Marsham in Gayton, Norfolk, where Prince William was among his ushers

Ahh there is William pictured below! Massive relieve. Was beginning to think it was splitsville for those two…there he is with his family and NOT at work. Sigh.

Prince William enjoyed a picnic as he and their friends including James Meade (standing) and his wife Lady Laura Marsham (right) sat on the grounds at the Houghton International Horse Trials on Saturday

The day out was most welcome and was much needed downtime for our William and Kate, as they have been terribly busy NOT working and attending royal events. Look at me all GREEN. But in any case, they look happy and that is all anyone can ask for.





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