Women Should….

Well hello. Did I get your attention? Thought so. Whenever I read any sentence which begins ‘Women should…’ I just stop reading and reach for a piece of cake instead. Truth. But this time was different. There was no cake in my gaffe/house so I decided to continue reading. In fact, I needed to find out what it is I should be doing. I was pretty certain that ‘it’ was some sort of sexist comment from some silly man. So I read on. This is what I read….

It was recently reported that Peter Alliss, who is  known as the ‘voice of golf’ on the BBC-recently suggested that women who want to join Muirfield should “get married to someone who is a member.” What the what? Jesus, take the wheel. Alliss’ comments, as you can imagine provoked outrage (he is currently in hiding. I kid. But, he should be). His critics on Twitter called him a “Dinosaur” and that it was high time he was “dismissed” by the BBC. Let me add here that Alliss is 85 years old. BTW, when you are 85 years old, you can say anything you want-you have earned the right.  I have seen this phenomenon before. I know loads of old people and they say whatever the heck they want. I just can’t wait to get old.

Anyway,  a spokesperson for ‘Women in Sport’ (a charity which promotes female participation in sport) criticised his “outdated views” and said “Forward-thinking broadcasters such as the BBC ought to seriously consider whether comments like this made by one of their commentators reflect the way they wish women and sport to be presented.” Yes. A bit long-winded, but I get the point. If it was me I would have simply said, “stop talking. Now would be good.”

Muirfield is one of the most celebrated and oldest golf courses in the world. They have lost the right to host the British Open as they have voted against opening their club to female members. Sheesh. Hang your head in shame, you lot (people).

Alliss later added that “women who are the wives of husbands (who belong to Muirfield) get to use all the facilities.” Gee thanks mate. Throw me a bone why don’t you? A BBC spokesperson later added, “These are Peter’s views and not those of the BBC.” In short, the BBC refused to condemn his comments. Sheesh. Come on BBC. You can do better.  That is all.





  1. quiall · May 22, 2016

    I will vehemently defend the right of any man to show us all how dumb he can be.

  2. Laura (PA Pict) · May 22, 2016

    An 85 year old man’s misogyny can be explained by the vintage of his values but cannot be condoned. Everything else evolves and so should attitudes to equality. It’s appalling that a club can get away with exclusion on any basis (other than ability to pay fees I suppose) but Muirfield will hopefully die and wither on the vine as those with “traditional” bigotries die off and are replaced by people (we hope) who have a better mindset.

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