Buckingham Palace Breach

Buckingham Palace

Greetings. A man has been arrested in the grounds of Buckingham Palace after scaling a perimeter wall, according to police. The 41 year old was found in the palace grounds by officers SEVEN minutes after an alarm was activated on Wednesday night, according to the Met Police. Yikes. Really now, that guy should consider himself lucky-if that guy had done the same at the White House you would be reading his obituary. For real. Washington DC police do not play nice. Anyway, the suspect, was not armed and was arrested on suspicion of trespassing on a protected site and is currently at the Tower of London…I mean, he is in custody somewhere in central London. It is understood that the Queen was at the palace at the time of the security breach.

In the past, there have been several breaches at Buckingham Palace including:

  • Michael Fagan who entered the Queen’s bedroom in 1982 and spent 10 minutes talking to her before she managed to raise the alarm when he asked for a cigarette. I don’t even think the Queen smokes. I mean, he should have known that. Duh.
  • In 2003 Journalist Ryan Parry of the Daily Mirror exposed security flaws by getting a job as a footman at the palace using a false reference. Wow. Am guessing he got a promotion after his story was printed.
  • In 2013 a man scaled a fence and was arrested inside the palace. He was found in a room which was open to the public in the daytime. His defence? Oh, I was looking for the bathroom. Ok, I made that up. But it could have happened that way.
  • And finally, last year, 2 men managed to get onto the palace roof and unveiled a banner in a protest over fathers’ rights. ‘Fathers 4 Justice.’ You should Google them.

Please lock your doors your Majesty (and walk with pepper spray). For real. That is all.








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