Football Kits

Greetings. Football is known as ‘the beautiful game.’ And of course the greatest players include: Pele, David Beckham/’Golden Balls’, Christiano Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, Zinidine Zindael, Lionel Messi et al. While these players are GREAT, football kits (uniforms) have a lot to be desired. Personally, these football kits, in my opinion, are not great. Check out these pictures because pictures do not lie.

Third division Spanish team Deportivo Palencia have released their new season kit, which is called an ‘inside-out’ kit but really looks like a flayed body. Eww…gross.

Deportivo Palencia kit. Image from @CDPalencia

This kit is from Australia World Cup 1990. Ok. Nice. Makes me think of Cezanne. You don’t know who Cezanne is? Yikes. It is possible that we can’t be friends. Just sayin’.


Australia kit, 1990

Colorado Caribous, 1978. What the what? Oh, you wouldn’t get me playing for them wearing this. So, it is a good thing they didn’t ask me to play for them. As a result, I was able to avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness. What is up with that fringe?

Colorado Caribous kit

Dundee, 1953. Hah. It looks like a picnic blanket or a throw. Yes. Please just throw it away. Thank you.

Dundee kit, from Estonia, 1960. Nope. Come on Estonia…you can do better than this.

Estonia kit

Everton, 2011. Err ok. Then after the game there is no need to change your kit when you go hunting.

Everton kit 2011

Hull, 1992. I have said this many times…they are wacky up North. Don’t go. It is safer down south. There is no need AT ALL to go up North. For all that is good and holy, don’t go. I think you get the point. Don’t go.

Hull Kit, 1992

SC Heerenveen. Actually, this is the BEST one. Don’t you agree? It is like Football meets Kate Spade (designer brand) and I am down with Kate Spade.

SC Heerenveen



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