Update on Idris Elba

Well hello there. Here is the latest update on Idris Elba….sticks head in the freezer…has to sit down…feeling lightheaded. Oh hey. Sorry about that. But if you are at all human, I think you can relate-how lovely is Idris Elba? Oh my Lakshmi.

It had been reported that Elba and his girlfriend of 3 years (and mother of his son) called it quits. Err…but sorry, who breaks up with Idris Elba? Girl gone mad. Am sure she had her reasons, however ‘valid’ they were. Anyway, it appears they are  back on and have decided to work on their relationship. Yeah. Don’t they look happy here? Well, hot damn I would look happy too if Idris Elba was standing next to me/my boyfriend/father of my child…I think you get the point. Anyway, 28 year old Naiyana Garth who is a make-up artist, looks pretty loved up here with Elba.

Back together? Idris Elba and Naiyana Garth put on a loved-up display at the British Academy Television Awards on Sunday evening

The look of love: Idris was seen walking the red carpet at London¿s Royal Festival Hall with his arm around his 28-year-old 'partner' as they paired made their first public appearance together this year

Elba and his girl were at the BAFTA’s last night and left 23 month old baby Winston at home. Oh and one last thing, stalking is only a crime if you get caught. Off to stalk Idris Elba. For real.




  1. quiall · May 9, 2016

    I can sooo see him as the next James Bond!

    • samdfb1 · May 9, 2016

      Whaha! And me. But normally, they pick a James Bond who is not that well known, no one had ever heard of Daniel Craig (the current Bond) before he got the part-but he had been in a few movies…none that I had ever seen!

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