Who is Katie Piper?

Salutations. Mad props to Katie Elizabeth Piper. I just L-O-V-E her. Oh you are not familiar with her? Allow me. You are welcome. Katie Piper was born in 1983 and is an English philanthropist, TV presenter and former model. Piper’s dream was to have a full time career in the media-this was her plan, but in 2008 sulphuric acid was thrown in her face. The attack which blinded Piper in one eye, was arranged by Piper’s ex boyfriend, Danny Lynch and carried out by an accomplice. Both men were arrested and are now serving life sentences with the possibility of parole in prison. Please note that a life sentence in the UK is approx. 25 years.

Piper’s attack took place in North London and Piper was treated in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital where the surgeons removed all the skin from her face before rebuilding it with a skin substitute and then a skin graft. The procedure was the FIRST of its kind to be completed in a single operation. Piper also underwent Ex-vivo limbal stem cell allograft transplantation (EVSCALT) at the Centre of Sight to restore her vision. Wow. Just wow.

In 2009, Piper chose to give up her anonymity in order to increase awareness about burn victims. How incredibly brave of her. I don’t know Piper personally, but from what I’ve seen of her on the telly, she seems kind, honest, funny, sarcastic, reflective et al…she’s just a regular person like you and me. She had a pretty horrific thing happen to her and she just carries on and gets on with her life. Wow.

Piper  was the subject of The Channel 4 documentary Katie: My Beautiful Face which first aired in 2009. Piper also  presents the Channel 4 TV series Bodyshockers (show about people about to undergo body-altering procedures and those who regret procedures they have had.). Piper has also written an autobiography. Piper’s primary role/commitment involves her work with her charitable foundation the Katie Piper Foundation. If you want to more you should Google it or visit her website https://katiepiperfoundation.org.uk/.

In 2014, Piper gave birth to her first child and named her Belle Elizabeth. Am guessing that you already know that ‘belle’ refers to a beautiful girl or woman. And while it is her daughter’s name, I think you will agree with me that Piper’s strength and beauty and fierce determination make her a beautiful woman. Katie, I think you are pretty awesome.  For real.

Kate Piper before and after her attack






  1. nbratscott · April 29, 2016


  2. Yvonne · April 30, 2016

    Gosh, good on her, she’ll serve as a role model for many who have had had disfigurement/defects to their faces and/or bodies.

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