Susan Boyle to apologise (to LHR staff)

Greetings. Earlier I informed you good people of what Susan Boyle did and how it went down with her. In short, she had a public meltdown at London Heathrow /LHR. Oh dear. It happens. Not to me, but it happens. I am far too busy drinking over priced coffee and looking at sunglasses that I do not need, while at Heathrow. I simply don’t have time to have arguments with LHR staff. But, that’s just me.

Poor Susan Boyle is terribly embarrassed about her heated argument and now can’t even remember what the row/argument was even about. Oh Susan, denial  will get you nowhere. For real. But anyway, following an incident at Heathrow earlier this week things got heated and poor Susan had to be escorted OUT of the BA lounge. According to The Sun, Susan is planning to pen an apology to the staff involved in the incident, explaining it was a result of her Asperger’s syndrome-which she says was triggered by the stress of being in an airport. Apparently, Susan is quite upset and devastated over her recent behaviour. Its ok Susan, we’ve all been there. Well, not me. Keep singing though Susan, you are pretty fab in my book. For real.




  1. waternymph88 · April 28, 2016

    Poor Susan! Cuddle to her. She has such a great voice and I love her. Have always felt that she finds the stuff around her sudden fame quite difficult though. Hope she’ll be ok xxx

    • samdfb1 · April 28, 2016

      Ditto mate. Enjoy your hols! Xxx

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