Portion Size (UK)

Greetings. Food portion sizes vary around the world. In America, food portion sizes are massive. Yes, yes they are. And also in America, we have free refills on sodas. Free refills do not exist here in the UK, well they do at Subway, but that makes sense as it is an American company. So with large portion sizes and unlimited sugary drinks-what do you get? You get diabetes. Seriously, you get obese people. My people are obese people and that is deeply shameful. We eat to excess and portion sizes are far too large. Lecture over.

According to nutritionists, there is no official guidelines on food portion sizes in the UK. But am guessing there is common sense. I am hoping there is common sense. In brief, portion sizes have increased over the years and subsequently, plate sizes have increased too. In short, our brain tricks us into thinking of how little or how much food we have on our plates-I think they call it ‘visual clue for eating’. Do you see it? Sorry.

Red meat. This piece of meat has 120g, 162 calories and 5.4g of fat. This is how much meat you should eat-but not every day according to Emma Brown a nutritionist for Nutracheck.

A portion of red meat is 120g and has 162 calories and 5.4g of fat. Although small amounts of protein regularly throughout the day are good for you, try not to have red meat too often, nutritionist Emma Brown said

Fish. Emma says that this 125g portion of fish is ok to eat. This piece of fish has 271 calories, 18.8g fat and probably no ‘e’ numbers. Yeah. According to Emma, you should have at least 2 portions of fish a week-and one of those portions should include an oily fish.

A portion of fish is 125g which contains 271 calories and 18.8g of fat. A healthy diet should include at least two portions of fish a week, including one of oily fish

Pasta. This portion of pasta is only 70 grams and 270 calories. Yeah. Sure it looks small, but it will double in weight once it is cooked. Remember if you add sauce, then that is extra calories. You should make your own as the store bought sauces are FULL of sugar. Even the sauce companies admit to this. Just last week ‘Dolmio’ said: oh hey, probably not a good idea to buy/eat/use our pasta sauces on a regular basis as we put loads of sugar and salt in them.’ While these were not Dolmio’s exact words, these were their exact sentiments.

A portion of pasta is 70g, but it will expand to look like more after cooking, and has 247 calories

Vegetables should be consumed in hearty quantities, 5 portions a day. There is only 80g and 27 calories in these carrots. Butter is not recommended. But if we are to be friends, I suggest you use A LOT of butter.

Vegetables should be in portions of 80g, there's 27 calories in these carrots and they count as one of your five a day

Fruit. Love fruit. These blueberries are 80g with 28 calories-as you can see a portion is nothing more than a handful. Blueberries are so good but are kind of expensive here in the UK. Maybe I am shopping in the wrong stores. Harrods Food Hall is probably not the best place to buy food. I kid. I rarely go to Harrod’s-and when I do, I am usually picking up a FREE donut at Krispy Kreme located on the ground floor of Harrod’s.

Fruit is also 80g per portion, with 28 calories in these blue berries, and Emma warned even overeating fruit or vegetables can lead to weight gain

Crisps! I love crisps. I especially love salt and vinegar and cheese and onion. Oohh and prawn cocktail flavoured crisps are nice too. This portion is what you get in a bag and is 153 calories and 7.6 g of fat.

A portion of crisps is 30g, roughly equal to a normal packet of crisps, which contains 153 calories and 7.6g of fat

A portion of biscuits should come to 14g of fat. That means you are only allowed to have ONE Bourban biscuit. Aint nobody got time for that. I could eat like 7 of these. Sometimes I do. Yes. Yes, I do.

A portion of biscuits is 14g, which works out at just one biscuit if your snack of choice is a Bourbon, 

Cheese should be around 30g per portion. What the what? Nope. Not going to happen. I love cheese, who are you to dis-a brie? Seriously people, ignore Emma, eat loads of cheese. Cheese has calcium. Women need calcium. Cheese is good, my favourite is Swiss Cheese…which you can quite easily find in the UK. Yes. Yes, you can.


Cheese should be around 30g, for one portion, which is full of 125 calories and three portions gives you your dairy allowance for the day

As for cake and chocolate, sure there are recommended portion sizes. Do I know what they are? Yes. Do I care? Nope. I eat cake all the time. Nothing can stop me from eating cake.  But seriously, portion size is all about common sense I think. Bring back common sense. Oh and would you pass the cheese please? That would be great, thanks.



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