Who is Louis Theroux?

Greetings. Louis Theroux is a British documentary filmmaker and broadcaster. He is best known for his documentary series including Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, When Louis Met…, and his BBC2 specials. His career started in journalism which was no surprise as his Pa and brother are both notable writers. Presently, Theroux works with the BBC producing his documentaries and television series.

Theroux is the son of the AMERICAN travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux, who is French-Canadian and Italian descent. Theroux’s cousin, Justin is an actor and screenwriter but best known as Jennifer Anniston’s husband. Well, someone had to do it. Theroux was born in Singapore and then moved with his family to England at the age of 1 and was brought up in London thereafter.

Theroux is a good at his job. He asks probing, intelligent questions. He is very sympathetic to the people he interviews and has a very dry sense of humour. He is no Barbara Walters, but then again, who is? But yeah, Louis Theroux seems competent and kind in equal measure. He is right up my street.

Here is a picture of his cousin, Justin. You can tell they are cousins. Or at least extras on Mad Men.


The cast of Mad Men



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