Going to school in Scotland (or not)


Greetings. I have only been to Scotland twice. Crazy, right? But I have never attended school in Scotland. Come to think of if, EVEN the students in Scotland are not even going to school. Allow me to explain. Building flaws found in 17 schools in Scotland have revealed major structural flaws. The walls and ceilings are coming down. 17 schools in Edinburgh have closed indefinitely due to safety concerns. Yes. The kids are pretty happy about this-giving them more time to consume E numbers (foods which have processed gunk, called: E numbers) and play with their tablets/phones. But the parents of these kids are none too pleased to have their little one at home. Plus, there are some upcoming exams, revision and last minute cramming is necessary. Kind of hard to do that if school is closed indefinitely. Whatever happens, they will still have to sit/take their exams. School rules.

In January 2016, bricks were blown from a wall at Oxgangs Primary School in Edinburgh (pictured above) during Storm Gertrude. Thankfully, it was reopened a few months later in March. When the school reopened, an inspection revealed serious concerns. Yes, I guess it did. The wall had been partially dismantled by Mother Nature. This was deeply troubling as the wall had only been built 10 years ago.

Oxgang Primary school was part of a wider program that saw 17 schools built following a £360m deal between the Council and a private finance consortium under the Public Private Partnership 1 Scheme. A few days after Oxgang’s wall came down a further 3 schools had similar problems (St. Peter’s RC Primary School, Firril High and Braidbury Special School). The schools listed were deemed unsafe for pupils to attend. These schools were built by Miller Construction which was acquired by Galliford Try in 2014 under the above mentioned scheme. The schools have bene closed indefinitely. So…school is out for summer-actually make that indefinitely. Hang in there Mum and Dad. Homeschooling is your friend. For real.




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