Cheese (UK)


Cheese. Everyone loves cheese. They especially love cheese in Wisconsin. In America we have approximately THREE different types of cheese. How utterly mad is that? We have American, Swiss and Brie. And at Christmas (if you have been good) your cheese comes from an aerosol spray tin, in which you spray your cheese onto your Ritz crackers. But only if you are good.

Upon moving to the UK, I was amazed at the different varieties of cheese. Life as a vegetarian did not seem so bad with all that cheese knocking around. It was cheese-tastic! However, I must say there is NO Swiss cheese in the UK. And others before me have said the same. But it turns out, there is SWISS cheese-I just haven’t found out. Guess I was too busy in the peanut and jelly aisle. You know you can get peanut and jelly mixed in the same bottle? Like wow. Anyway, the closest thing I have found to Swiss cheese in the UK is Leerdammer, and it is made in Holland. It is delish.


In the UK. We have LOVELY cheese. Come with me on a cheese journey through Britain. Ok, let’s do this. In the UK, we actually have a British Cheese Board. I would totally work there. The BCB states that there are over 700 different types of British cheese produced in the UK….with not a spray cheese in sight. Oh well. Here are a few…

Blue Cheese

This is good stuff. Very strong and not for cheese amateurs. Blue Cheese is basically an umbrella term. Under that cheese umbrella we have:

  • Barkham Blue
  • Brighton Blue
  • Cornish Blue
  • Devon Blue
  • Dorset Blue
  • I think you get the point

Here is a picture of Dorset Blue

Next we have the hard cheese/granular cheese. It is a type of cheese which is produced by repeatedly stirring and draining a mixture of curd and whey. It refers to a wide variety of cheeses-some hard cheeses are aged for years. Some hard cheeses include:

  • Caerphilly
  • Cheddar
  • Cheshire
  • Lancashire (there are three types)

Caerphilly is pictured below:

Then you have semi-hard cheese. Oh you thought cheese was cheese? How wrong you were. Don’t worry, I thought the same too once. Semi-hard cheese includes:

  • Coquetdale
  • Cornish Yarg
  • Derby
  • Gloucester
  • Wensleydale. This is also produced as a blue cheese. And will contain additives as cranberries, ginger, etc. This is amazing cheese. I really like it with cranberries. See below.


Next, there is soft or semi-soft cheese. It has a higher moisture content and the taste can be quite bland. Sorry, but cheese is cheese-bland or not. If there is cheese around, I am eating it.

I have saved my favourite cheese for last. Stilton. Oh gosh. Produced in two varieties, Blue known for its characteristic strong smell and taste and the lesser known, White. Both Blue and White Stilton have been granted the status of a protected designation of origin by the European Commission. The PDO status requires that only cheese produced in the three counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire are made according to a strict code, may be called ‘Stilton.’ Thus cheese made in the village of Stilton, cannot be called ‘Stilton.’ How mad/crazy is that?

There are more UK cheeses-but I have only listed a few. We love and respect cheese here in the UK. In America, we love and respect cheese too-just differently. Pictures do not lie.




  1. Fiona · April 5, 2016

    Cannot imagine cheese out of a can. Ugh! We love cheese. There is an annual cheese festival here, and it’s amazing: lots of different cheeses. We always have at least three different types of cheese in the fridge and I sell an artisan cheese at our market – the only thing on my table not produced by my own hands. I even make cottage cheese – it’s easy peasy

    • samdfb1 · April 5, 2016

      Cheese from a can is good! You should try it. Or not. ;). Ahh love cottage cheese-thanks for the link.

      • Fiona · April 5, 2016

        If I ever see it in a can, I promise I’ll give it a go. Just for you!

      • samdfb1 · April 5, 2016

        Many thanks! Who knows…you may even like it. 😉

  2. Laura (PA Pict) · April 5, 2016

    Your post is like porn for me. I SO miss the abundant selection of cheese available in the UK. I can get my greedy mitts on European cheese here in the US too but at import prices it has to be a treat rather than something I scoff with abandon. I am lactose intolerant but I put up with the pain if the cheese is worth it. I find American cheese to be a bit bland. I buy extra extra sharp and it is still not tangy enough for my tastebuds. I have never tried any of those processed cheeses the supermarkets stock and certainly no cheese from a can. My husband, who unlike me eats meat, has done the whole cheese whizz thing on a Philly cheesesteak but that is even as far as he will go with that and he is a US citizen.

    • samdfb1 · April 5, 2016

      Hah! Food porn indeed. Wait, you haven’t tried cheese in a tin? You are the second person to tell me this…but I suspect you wont be the last. Hah! I have to agree with you, American cheese is quite bland. Ahhh, I miss being a meat eater (at times) but when you wrote ‘Philly cheesesteak’ I kind of shed a tear. Oh man, I miss those! Please tell me you give your children corndogs-that is SO American. Back to cheese, I mean, how great is cheese in the UK-Europe in general? I had no idea. Glad to hear you still enjoy cheese, despite being lactose intolerant. Yeah, I would do the same for sure.

      • Laura (PA Pict) · April 5, 2016

        The kids have indeed had corndogs. My youngest loves them actually. They have had them when we have gone to fairs and that sort of thing. My husband loves them. The kids, however, do not dig cheesesteaks at all. Mr Pict is alone in that. The cheese in a tin – or that weirdo velveeta stuff – just seems way too artificial for me to even entertain trying it.

      • samdfb1 · April 5, 2016

        Yeah for corndogs. Am guessing they eat ‘hot pockets’ too? Hope so. I still defend cheese in a tin or velveeta. Must say, my mom would be horrified if she read that!

      • Laura (PA Pict) · April 5, 2016

        Nope. None of us have ever had a hot pocket.

      • samdfb1 · April 5, 2016

        Ok cool. Not exactly healthy but 2 min in the microwave. And tasty!

      • Laura (PA Pict) · April 5, 2016

        Ha ha! You are so intent on getting me to eat crap food.

      • samdfb1 · April 5, 2016

        Wahaha! Am.So. Busted! 😉

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