Penalty Notice (UK)

Greetings. I have never received a penalty notice/parking ticket in the UK.  But have gotten a lot of parking tickets back home in the US. Like a lot. If parking tickets were an Olympic sport….I think you get the point.

When drivers in the UK see that little yellow packet taped to their car in protective plastic-they know exactly what it means. They know that they will soon be parting with their hard earned cash. They probably DID NOT see the sign or notice the road markings. They probably thought it was OK to park. Clearly it was not.

Fixed Penalty Notices were introduced in Britain in the 1950’s  and deal with minor traffic infractions. Before the 1950’s people rode their horses into London Town. I kid.  Charges are normally £70-and should be paid within 28 days. If you pay the fine within 14 days of the 28 day period, your charge will decrease by 50%. You will only have to part with £35. Of course it is your right to appeal or contest the penalty fine, but don’t bother. You will not win. You will always lose. Yes you will.

Just recently in London Town, a rather obnoxious mega-rich Saudi billionaire by the name of Turki Bin Abdullah, has been parking his fleet of GOLD luxury cars around London and completely ignoring the parking signs. Can he not read? Sheesh. Obey the rules, mate. Check out these pictures.

A luxury gold car parked in London is hit with parking fines.

And when I say fleet of luxury cars, I am talking about a Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes G63 and Bentley Flying Spur. Good grief. I like nice things too, but gold coloured luxury cars did not exactly make my list. Come. On. Stop it now with your excessive display of wealth. Please.

Four luxury gold cars have been seen driving across London this week, all believed to be owned by the same wealthy Saudi man. The cars have a total estimated value of over $1.8 million.

Among the flashy fleet is this Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe, worth around £350,000 ($506,000).

A Lamborghini pictured outside the Dorchester Hotel, London.<br />

This hefty six-wheel Mercedes is valued at £370,000 ($534,000).

And while I am sure he can probably afford to pay his penalty fines, let’s see if he does. If not…these luxury cars may be towed away. Really now, all that money and NO sense. That is all.





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