What Idris Elba said…

'When I’m not acting is when my life falls to s***': Idris Elba has admitted that acting is much more than a job for him in a new interview with Esquire, as the London-born star revealed his roles are more like 'therapy'

It is no surprise that Idris Elba is a national treasure. Allow me to rephrase that. It is no surprise that Idris Elba is proof that God loves ALL women. I mean. That being said, our Idris is in a bit of a bother, his personal life is in shambles with him having recently split up with the Mother of his child, Winston.  What kind of woman breaks it off with Idris Elba? Am guessing she has her reasons although I fail to recognise if they are even valid. Yes. Yes, I said it. Anyway, Elba recently said that his life goes to hell if he is not on set, working. He later added that acting is a sort of therapy for him and is a good way to ‘cleanse’ himself. He said, ‘when I am not acting my life turns to sh*t.’ Oh dear.

On Bond: The actor addressed rumours of him becoming Bond, non-committaly saying: 'It doesn’t matter how many people want me to do it,' he explained. 'It doesn’t mean I’m going to get it'

Am not sure if Idris Elba will become the next James Bond, but I (and the rest of womankind) live in hope.  In fact, traditionally-James Bond has never been chosen by public opinion but rather has always been an unknown actor. I mean, had you heard of Daniel Craig before he was James Bond? No. No, you haven’t.

Oh and if you are reading this Idris, call me-am happy to listen. But if you don’t feel like talking, that’s ok because I can talk for the both of us. Yes. Yes I can.




  1. quiall · March 31, 2016

    How can I put this . . . yum!

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