The Kindest City in Britain

Salutations. A recent poll revealed which city in Britain was the kindest, most nicest city of them all. It is not surprising that London came DEAD LAST. Just the other day, I ended up ‘flipping the bird ‘ to a cyclist. And that was me being nice. That silly cyclist nearly ran me over and I was not having it. Not that day or any other day. But actually, because I live in London Town, it was more akin to the V sign using 2 fingers. I can assure you, I am normally quite demure and ladylike,  but not when I am about to be run over when I had the right of way. No sir.

So yeah, the nicest city in Britain turned out to be Bristol. Bristol was declared ‘Home of the good Samaritan.’  Please remember this was a survey and not exactly scientific. There are good Samaritans everywhere, including London….I’ve heard.  The survey was conducted by Co op Food. Am not sure why a food store would do such a survey, but they did.  Co op surveyed 4K adults in 19 cities and asked them various questions to see how nice and community-minded they were. This survey is flawed but…here’s the list:

  1. Bristol
  2. Belfast
  3. Aberdeen
  4. Southampton
  5. Cardiff
  6. Bradford
  7. Oxford
  8. Manchester
  9. Coventry
  10. Norwich
  11. Sheffield
  12. Nottingham
  13. York
  14. Edinburgh
  15. Leeds
  16. Birmingham
  17. Liverpool
  18. Glasgow
  19. London

Sorry, but this so called survey is not to my liking. I think London should have been in the top 5. Oh and all those cities in the North…well, if I were you-I would stick to the South, mate. Just saying.




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