Indian Wells

Serena Williams and Raymond Moore

Greetings. Yesterday I waxed lyrical about Novak and his comments on equal pay in tennis. Let me rephrase that…how he thought male tennis players were entitled to higher prize money. Whatever dude. And now someone else has waded into this. And while this strays away from Life in London I just could not help myself. So, this is what went down. Knowledge is power, people.

Indian Wells tournament chief Raymond Moore (pictured above) has QUIT. And rightly so. He has quit after some comments he made that were both unkind and simply false. Yes. Yes, he did. Moore, 69, said the women’s game “rides on the coat-tails” of men-a view described as “sexist” by the United States Tennis Association (UTSA). Well, am glad someone recognises this. Serena Williams, World Number ONE said Moore’s statement was “offensive and deeply inaccurate.” Yes it was. Go girl, give it. Moore even had the audacity to say that female players “should get down on their knees” in thanks to male counterparts such as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Moore later apologised for his “erroneous ” marks. Well, he had to. Me and the rest of the womankind were about to run him out of town. In fact, he should get down on HIS knees in gratitude that we did not run him out of town. He should breathe a massive sigh of relief and just go away. And that is exactly what he did. Moore has resigned. Yeah.

Judy Murray, former Great Britain Fed Cup captain and mother of British number ONE Andy Murray, said: “I think there’ll be a couple of people who probably woke up the next morning and wished they had thought a bit more about what they said before they said it.” Yes, Judy. I think you are right on this one. However, this is in sharp contrast to former British Davis Cup captain David Lloyd backed Djokovic’s view on the men’s popularity, but said: “It’s supply and demand and it could swing back in the future.” Lordy. Get back, Satan. That is all.





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