Things to do in London at Easter

Salutations. Easter is nearly here. Apart from the obvious, Easter means a 4 day weekend here in the UK. Yes. Good Friday, the weekend and Easter Monday. Yes, I know it is difficult for my American readers to digest this as I know you will be working on Good Friday as well as Easter Monday-I feel you mano (short for ‘Hermano’ which means ‘brother’ in Spanish) because I used to work on those days as well when I lived in the US. But now, I live in England and when in Rome….there are loads of things to do during the Easter holiday. Please know that I wont judge you if you plan on binge watching Netflix, because I just may do the same. But if telly is not your thing, this is what is on in England:

  • Easter Services and Performances

At Trafalgar Square on Good Friday in London a live full-scale re-enactment of Jesus’ crucifixion will be performed by a cast of 100. The Passion normally draws tens of thousands of onlookers of all faiths for its 2 performances. I suggest you get there early.  Also, there will be church services at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and St.Martin-in-the Fields on Easter Sunday.

New Arrivals

  • It is spring. It is a great time to visit some newbies at  ZSL London Zoo and the London Aquarium. We all love to see baby animals. I know I certainly do.You might even see a pygmy hippo, like the one pictured below. Awww…


Easter Egg Hunts, London

West End Show

  • Go see a West End Show. You should consider Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I hear it is Wicked. Hah! See what I did there? I have seen Wicked and it is AWESOME. So, go.


  • Well you are in London, mate. Sightseeing is a MUST. Check out: The Shard, The London Eye, an open-top bus tour or head to Harry Potter World.

Take a Walk

  • London is lovely in the Spring. Take a walk in one of our many parks or palaces like Hampton Court Palace. The daffodils are out and look pretty daggone amazing.

As you can see, there is lots to do during Easter in London Town. As for me, I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing, which is terribly hard work. Netflix here I come.





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