Commonwealth Day Service


Both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry (pictured) joined the monarch and her husband Prince Philip this afternoon for one of the highlights of her calendar, the annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey

Yesterday, the Queen and her mighty brood attended the Commonwealth Day service. It was a bright and sunny day in London Town with not even a trace of rain. The Commonwealth was founded in 1949 with the Queen’s father as its first figurehead, the Commonwealth has 53 member countries and represents 2.3 billion people. In brief, the Commonwealth is body of 53 member states that were mostly territories of the former British Empire. The commonwealth dates back to the mid 20th century with the decolonisation of the British Empire, through increased self-governance of its territories. If you want to know more about the Commonwealth, I suggest you Google it. Google is your friend. But for now, check out the pictures from the Commonwealth Day service.

The service, the UK's largest annual inter-faith gathering, celebrated the 2016 Commonwealth theme of inclusivity and was broadcast live on BBC One for the first time in celebration of Her Majesty's lifetime commitment to the 'family' in the year of her 90th Birthday

Oh man, I wonder what our Kate, I mean the Duchess of Cambridge was thinking. I think it was something like, ‘When we get home, you are going to be in trouble…’

The gathering is one of the rare occasions where the Queen and her husband are joined by all three young royals. William and Kate are pictured arriving this afternoon 

The Queen looks good for someone who is about to turn 9o years old. She is even smiling here in this photo-or maybe she is just cold. Also, I love the fact that the Queen always carries a smart handbag and wears gloves.

The Queen (pictured arriving at Westminster Abbey) remains sovereign of 15 realms in addition to the UK

The Queen leads three generations of her family as they enter the service

Am not sure where Camilla and Charles are. Maybe they got stuck on the Underground…but I doubt it. And as for Harry, if you are reading this…time to shave that beard, mate.





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