Charles and Camilla in the Balkans

The couple were welcomed by a hoard of colourfully dressed locals during today's festival where stalls sold local produce for which the area is famed

Charles and Camilla are in the Balkans-this would explain why they were NOT at the Commonwealth Day service. And here I was thinking they were stuck on the Underground, like the rest of us mere mortals. The Duchess of  Cornwall and the next King of England (give or take 25 years from now) are spending 5 days in the Balkans. Lucky them. They were spotted enjoying several tipples/drinks on their tour of the Balkans. Pictured below they are enjoying a local spirit at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival in Trvda, Osijek.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall were seen enjoying several tipples on day two of their tour of the Balkans. Here they appear to be enjoying a local spirit at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival in Trvda, Osijek

Later, they moved on to wine. After the wine, the couple found themselves to be quite drunk. Hey, it happens.

The royal couple enjoyed wine as well as a stronger spiritThey attended the Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival in Trvda, Osijek

They seem to be having a wonderful time. I must say, Camilla looks good for 68 years old. It has got to be all that royal treatment she receives.

Following the festival Charles and Camilla are due to visit an archaeological museum, where Charles will attend an interfaith dialogue meeting, and  the Osijek Software City workshop

The couple will visit 4 countries in 5 days while in Eastern Europe. While there, the pair will be highlighting causes important to them. Camilla will focus on her campaign against  sexual violence. Good for her. Massive respect. Just a quick note, Camilla has many causes/campaigns that are near and dear to her. Her campaign against sexual violence is just one of them and should be applauded.

Camilla seemed delighted with the display of impressive costume as she arrived at Dakovo State Stud Farm

It will come of no surprise that by the end of the tour, Camilla may have a bit of a hangover. It happens.

Camilla and President Grabar-Kitarović celebrated the royal visit by clinking glasses at the dinner

Camilla will spend some time finding out about how sexual violence was used as a weapon of war

Have fun you crazy kids.  Remember to drink a glass of milk before you go out drinking and drink plenty of water the following day.





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