Jerry Hall wore BLUE to her wedding

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has married Jerry Hall at an aristocratic palace after a five-month courtship

After a 5 month courtship, Hall and Murdoch have FINALLY tied the knot. Murdoch grinned like a Cheshire cat as he stood alongside his bride, Jerry Hall, who appeared to be wearing a blue dress and some flat shoes. Hall wore blue because…tradition. She had something old (her groom), something new (her ring), something borrowed (her handbag) and finally something blue (her dress).

The wedding/ceremony was held at The Spencer House-and is described as  ‘one of the most sumptuous private residences ever built’ in the capital. Spencer House was built in 1756 for John, first Earl Spencer-who was an ancestor of Diana Spencer. Diana, the Princess of Wales.

It was largely reported that the pair were set to be married tomorrow-but they tricked the media and tied the knot today.  And of course Jerry flashed THAT ring-the one that cost 2.3 million pounds. Oh, yes she did. Take a gander.

Jerry flashed her ring following a five-month courtship with the media mogul 

Less than one hour before the blessed nuptials, Hall was seen shopping on Kings Road where she picked up some tights. Oh my days, she had 5 months to pick up those tights.

Jerry Hall was spotted shopping with a friend for tights on the Kings Road less than one hour before her Wedding to Billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch in London

Jerry looked relaxed and happy ahead of the nuptials and in no rush despite being pictured less than an hour before the ceremony

 After they tied the knot the lovely couple posed for pictures. Murdoch said ‘I feel like the luckiest and happiest man in the world (to be married at this late stage in my life to foxy former supermodel who loves me for ME and not my billions)’ Ok, that last bit I made up-but he was happy. In fact, he was practically beaming. Pictures do not lie.

Jerry smiled for cameras as Rupert looked adoringly at her outside of the venue today

And here is a picture of the venue.  Sorry, but doesn’t it look like a high street bank or even an embassy? Ok, I am green. Seriously,  the inside of Spencer House is pretty extravagant, but the outside, not so much.

The venue: Spencer House was built between 1756-1766 for John, first Earl Spencer, an ancestor of Diana, Princess of Wales, and it is said to be London's finest surviving 18th-century town house

This will be Murdoch’s 4th marriage and Hall’s FIRST. And now for some lovely pictures. You are welcome.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall leave Spencer House, London, after getting married

Hall and Jagger were together for 20 years….when they finally married, it was not deemed legal.

Miss Hall is known for her relationship with Mick Jagger, who she was with for more than 20 years. However, she had a star-studded relationship history long before meeting him

Murdoch and Deng split in 2013. Murdoch remained single until he started dating Hall.

Murdoch and Wendi Deng split in 2013 and he remained single until news of his relationship to former model Jerry Hall – 25 years his junior - was announced last year

 Wishing the newly married couple a hearty congratulations!

Jerry wore her hair down in relaxed curls and posed with a crocodile-print handbag in Roger Vivier flats while showing off her wedding ring





  1. waternymph88 · March 4, 2016

    Can’t like it though

  2. waternymph88 · March 4, 2016

    It just all looks so fake to me

    • samdfb1 · March 4, 2016

      Ahh-think so? Who knows-maybe it is fake-his paper sales are down…

  3. waternymph88 · March 4, 2016

    Wonder what her children think of it all? Do you know?

    • samdfb1 · March 4, 2016

      Not sure. I met Hall a few weeks ago-and now I’m an expert! Hah! Not sure what her kids think-should’ve asked! 😉

      • waternymph88 · March 4, 2016

        Ahhhhhh I love her 💖💖💖. Lucky you! xxx

      • samdfb1 · March 4, 2016

        She seemed cool, refined and she laughed with her mouth open! Love that! Xxx

  4. Yvonne · March 5, 2016

    Good on them, I hope they’ll be happy, ever after!

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