Royal Pets

Top dogs: The Queen's dog disembark a flight in 1998. Animal psychologist Dr Roger Mugford said the dogs obeyed her majesty 'implicitly' 

Greetings. Here in the UK we just love our pets. The Queen is no different as her pampered pooches receive a right royal treatment every. single. day. Over the years (the last 150 or so) the Queen has had over 30 corgis. Wow. That is a lot of dog poop to pick up. Not that she picks it up herself, but it gets picked up because the fine of £50 for not doing so is pretty steep.

The Queen’s beloved dogs have not always behaved properly, especially towards footmen or other dogs. But despite this, they are treated very well. I mean VERY. In fact, when the Queen is having supper, her corgis surround her as they sit obediently and are served individual menus that they receive in order of seniority. Good grief. We are all different. If I had a dog, it would not go down like that at all. I would most likely toss them a chicken leg and say ‘have it’-probably a good thing I don’t own a dog. Anyway, the tailored menus of her dogs are done with great care and love by the Royal vet who is also a horse whisperer and an animal psychologist. On weekends he moonlights as a clown for children’s parties. I kid. But seriously, his job as the royal vet is a very serious one and one in which Dr.Roger Mugford has had for over 20 years. He enjoys his job as a vet and enjoys preparing their individual meals which contain a variety of homeopathic and herbal recipes.


Over the years, Her Majesty (pictured here in 1952) has had 30 corgis. It was reported  she will not replace them when they die because she does not wish to leave any of her beloved pets behind when she dies

The Queen was given her first corgi at age 18 in the year 1776. I kid. I don’t know the year but it was a long time ago. The corgi was named ‘Susan’ and numerous dogs were bred from her and some were even mated with dachshunds to create dorgis. Over the years Her Majesty has had over 30 corgis. At one time she had 13, but now she is down to 2-Willow and Holly who are both 12-along with 2 dorgis, Candy and Vulcan. So, if my calculations are correct the Queen has 4 dogs. That is A LOT. As you can see from the pictures, the Queen just loves her dogs.

Affection: HM with a pet dorgi in 1998. Numerous dogs were bred from the Queen's first corgi, Susan, and some were mated with dachshunds to create dorgis

Over the years, Dr. Mungford has been summoned by the Queen to help with the behaviour of these royal dogs. They have at times been very naughty, as they tend to bite the staff a lot. Hmm…biting dogs. Dr. Mungford to the rescue who issued the Queen with a special whistle to blow when the corgis are biting-this stops them apparently. And those dogs eat very well. Back in the day before their homeopathic and herbal menus those dogs used to eat: chuck steak boiled, cabbage, rice, poached chicken/liver/rabbit.  Goodness that is good eating.

Pictured below is the Queen in 1936. As you can see, she has been a dog lover all her life.

July 1936: Princess Elizabeth sitting on a garden seat with two corgi dogs at her home in London 



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