Meet Mr. Fox II

The retired plant fitter can even play fetch with the animals, who he has named Hannah and Willow - and who eat their way through £150 of dog food and treats every month

Oh my days. I have waxed lyrical about foxes in London before. Here I go again. Please know that foxes are horrid, dirty scavengers. Back home we keep them in zoos but here in the UK they run wild in the streets and some even like them-feed them even. Come. On. You can not be serious. Foxes are super bad, carry rabies and sneak into people’s houses and bite sleeping children in their cots. So you have probably guessed that I am not a fan of foxes. I have had more of my share with the urban fox. We’ve had many a staring contest. And I am pretty sure they read minds. Yes.

I recently came across a foxy story that I just HAD to share with you. Check this. Simon Read from Somerset likes foxes. A lot. In fact, 2 years ago he started feeding them. What the what? You should NEVER feed foxes. Do you feed rats? I think you get my point. Anyway, Simon ‘adopted’ two foxes when he began feeding them. Of course they came back for more. Simon says (see what I did there?) that he can not even go on holiday because he worries who will feed the foxes while he is away. Oh my goodness. Simon has also developed a series of whistles for the foxes. He whistles and they come running.  Simon even plays fetch with Hannah and Willow. Yes, he has named them. Freak. He also spends £150 a month on dog food and treats for these rabid balls of fur. More money than sense, clearly.

Simon Mead, 50, has adopted two wild foxes who he claims came to view him as their father after he offered them protection from the outside world

I admit, I am being a bit harsh on Simon. I mean-he is clearly an animal lover and he enjoys connecting with them. But still…please give me a break. Oh and get this, Simon takes these WILD foxes to the vet. Well, who else is going to do it? No one. Because generally people don’t take wild animals to the vet. Below, one of the foxes is pictured with Simon’s cat. Sadly, the moggie/cat lost an eye as a consequence of an eye infection. Sorry Simon, but  I smell a rat, in fact, I smell a fox. You know the fox did it. I know it and the fox knows it too.

Hannah and Willow, who Simon estimates are about four years old, can usually be found sunbathing with his cat, simply called Cat, who lost an eye due to an infection

Pictured below is Simon. I’ve never met Simon and I probably never will. Am sure he is a nice guy but he plays with foxes. Seriously people, stay away from foxes. They are filthy, dirty animals. Oh and they carry rabies along with other maladies. And I have it on good authority that they eat cat’s eyes.

Simon  says he cannot go on holiday or even leave his home for more than an hour after the pair began relying on him to survive






  1. Laura (PA Pict) · February 22, 2016

    I wonder if some of we Brits have a different attitude to wildlife because we haven’t grown up with fear of rabies. Personally I’m rather fond of foxes but then I’ve never had a negative encounter with one. Of course, neither have I encouraged them. I think wild animals should be permitted to remain wild and not be domesticated. What I don’t like about foxes is the eery scream sound they make. Especially at night.

    • samdfb1 · February 23, 2016

      Yes, I agree-let them be wild. Their scream (are they in pain?) is totally unnerving I think. So horrid!

  2. Yvonne · February 22, 2016

    Hey, stop dissing the foxes re: rabies … “In the UK, rabies is not found in the animal population (with the exception of bats) and infections are almost always picked up during travel abroad.” That said, I agree, let wild animals be wild.

    • samdfb1 · February 23, 2016

      Right. Ok. Hear you loud and clear. No more dissing. 😉

  3. Howard · February 23, 2016

    Yes, no rabies in Britain. So although foxes may carry rabies in other countries, they don’t in GB.

    • samdfb1 · February 23, 2016

      Ahh thanks Howard. Good to know. 😉

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