What’s Up With William?


Poor Prince William. It can be tough being a working Prince and dad. Not only does he have all his Royal duties in which has to perform, he also has to do the washing up at home (Kate refuses) plus go to work with the East Anglian Air Ambulance.  As you can see his plate is full.  The press of course have set their sights on the future king of England this week and are saying some rather unkind things. This is what they are saying:

  • Prince William took FOUR weeks off at Christmas. His colleagues at East Anglian Air Ambulance were not too pleased with him. True we do get a lot of time off here in the UK and Europe in general-approx. 26 days leave-but we don’t normally take all our leave/vacay at once.  Plus, in the Prince’s job, his rota is 4 days on and 4 days off. But one colleague remarked, ‘but with the Duke it’s more off than on.’ Ouch. Anyone pick up on the fact that he is a Prince AND a Duke? Man. So lucky that kid.


  • William has a lot of royal duties to attend to. But apparently he is not pulling his weight in this area either. Last year he attended 87  royal functions. That might sound a lot. But his grandfather Prince Philip is 94 years old and attended 217 official royal duties. The Queen? 303. Go girl. Give it.


  • Even William’s friends are questioning his desire to become King (according to the press). His friends are allegedly saying that William would prefer to live the quiet life of a wealthy landed gentleman. And that he prefers posh weekend house parties and country shoots. Apparently William hates doing red carpet events and deplores giving tours at Buckingham Palace. I kid. He doesn’t do tours. But can you imagine if he did? I would be there every. single. day


I mean, William just wants a normal life. He wants to be a regular bloke. But sadly, he will never be. He didn’t choose to be born a Royal but now that he is-well…he better step up to the plate, mate.

Having lost his mother at such a young age and been at the centre of what was then a royal circus, William has understandably gone to great lengths to protect his young family





  1. Yvonne · February 21, 2016

    Oh dear, maybe Charles will live on and on and on, and England will become a Republic just in time for William to realis his regular bloke dream.

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