Idris Elba is now SINGLE

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Idris Elba has split from his long-term girlfriend and mother of his son, just DAYS after partying with Naomi Campbell. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway, here are the facts as I  know them to be. You are welcome. Idris Elba, 43, has moved out of the home he shared with his long-term girlfriend, Naiyana Garth (pictured above). He is now living in a 2BR flat nearby so he can be near his 22 month old son, Winston. The couple started dating in 2013 and then Naiyana fell pregnant. That is what they say here- ‘fell’. I don’t think anyone actually fell but who really knows what goes on behind closed doors. Anyway, there is not a woman ALIVE (that I know of) who does not heart Idris Elba in a big way. His recent breakup is bittersweet. While we LOVE him, we don’t want the poor chap to be unhappy. Do we now?

Here is Idris pictured with his daughter, Isan. Who knew? Did you? She resembles her Dad. She looks older than 13. Yikes Mama.

Concern . . . with daughter Isan at LA event last month

Pictured below is Idris with Naomi Campbell. Yuck. I suspect Naomi is a difficult person. Look at Idris’ face. He just realised just how difficult she is. Uh huh.

Party . . . with Naomi in US last week

Anyway, a rep for Idris declined to comment about his relationship status. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Idris…if you are reading this: just know that I and every single woman on planet Earth support you. Oh yeah, and we heart you too. For real.





  1. Phil Taylor · February 10, 2016

    Two years ago I had never heard of Idris Elba, and now I’ve heard about him every day since. Where was he before 2014?

    • samdfb1 · February 10, 2016

      Honing his craft his craft I suppose Phil. But it seems hard for artists to cross the pond. Although not too hard for artists such as Adele and Coldplay.

    • samdfb1 · February 10, 2016

      He’s uber cute right?

      • Phil Taylor · February 10, 2016

        I don’t know. I’m a terrible judge of guys.

      • Phil Taylor · February 10, 2016

        Other than myself, and I will confirm that I’m uber cute.

      • samdfb1 · February 10, 2016

        Wahaha! Good answer. 😉

  2. Yvonne · February 11, 2016

    Now I have to go ask Mr Google who this Idris fellow is. I know who Phil is (so darn sexy), so I don’t have to look him up.

    • samdfb1 · February 11, 2016

      Yes Google it. Yes we all know Phil. Sexiest blogger for 11 years in a row-right? 😉

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