London Property Prices

Wide berth: This is the 10 foot wide home on the market for £800,000 which surely proves that London property prices are out of control

London Property Prices are out of control. The end. For real. I have often waxed lyrical about house prices in London. It is frankly, ridic. I mean, who can afford to live in a house in London? And do you really want to live with your parents post-University? Err…not me. Not anyone.

Pictured above, in the middle is a 10ft wide property in South London that has gone on sale for…wait for it….are you sitting down? Grab a glass of water. Now swallow. Ok, the property above is listed for 800K. Oh my Lakshmi. Are you kidding  me? For once, I am not kidding.  The teeny tiny house actually has 2 bedrooms, a modern kitchen, a garden and a reception area. If you move in, I think you need to be well under 5 feet in height. And you better not be generous around the middle if you know what I mean. And I hope you don’t plan on entertaining guests. Ok, maybe you could invite ONE person over.

Here are some pictures of the smallest and MOST expensive house in London:

I think this is the kitchen. It could also double as a closet.

Individual: The property in East Dulwich, South London, is less than double the width of a large people carrier but comes with a twist

Here is the garden. Seems nice. Maybe might want to put some grass seeds down.

Outside chance: It boasts two bedrooms along with a contemporary bathroom, plenty of reception room, a modern kitchen and a large garden at the rear, so may yet prove an attractive prospect for a buyer

Oh look-storage. The entire house looks like storage as far as I’m concerned.

Up and coming: The property, a short walk away from Peckham Rye park, an increasingly popular area of London, even comes with its own private parking space on the drive

The living room and kitchen are an open space plan. Yikes. Not enough room to swing a cat. If you are into that sort of thing. And I hope you are not.

Plenty of space: Despite being just ten feet wide, the living room and kitchen downstairs is open plan and very spacious

The bathroom is very modern. Not enough room for a wet room or Jacuzzi though. Sigh.

All the mod cons: It comes with a recently fitted modern bathroom upstairs in the two-storey property in south London

Here is the bedroom. I mean, walk-in closet.

Upstairs: There are two bedrooms on the top floor. This one looks out onto the garden, in a residential area in East Dulwich

Here is the 2nd bedroom. I mean, the 2nd walk-in closet.

Number two: This is the second bedroom inside the property, which despite its width, is not lacking in living space

The house seems nice. I am even tempted to pretend to be an interested buyer so I can actually see it with my own eyes. But, I’ve got better things to do. 800K seems a bit steep. If I had that kind of money I would buy a mansion in London. Oh wait, there goes a unicorn.




  1. Laura (PA Pict) · February 7, 2016

    Yikes! I am actually impressed by how spacious the interior is given how much like a small shed the property looks from the outside. However, while those spaces might work well as a vacation property, I really cannot imagine how anyone could actually live there full-time. There looks to be barely any storage space or floor space that could be used for more than a bed. I smirked at the shot of the sofa facing a blank wall with barely any space between it and the blank wall. As if someone could feel relaxed like that.

    London property prices are absolutely crazy. When my husband was working in London, even on two professional salaries we had to live out in Essex in order to afford a small two-bedroom terraced house. My husband’s commute, door to door, took up to two hours (depending on whether it was pre or post Hatfield crash speed restrictions). In the five years that we lived there, the London commuter belt orbit stretched out further and our house doubled in price. That was great for us as sellers heading off to low cost Argyll but we were aware that we would not have been capable of buying our own house had we moved just a few years later.

    • samdfb1 · February 8, 2016

      It does look pretty spacious for such a small place-camera trickery for sure. The prices are out of control-they really are. Your husband’s commute is becoming more and more typical. My previous commute to Uxbridge took me 2 hours every day-but am guessing it is less in a car (I used the Underground). The thing is-you travel, you work hard and then have very little time to spend at home. Ahhh #lifeproblems.

  2. samdfb1 · February 8, 2016

    2 hours each way….

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