Lord Lucan

Pictured above is the late Lord Lucan. Yesterday he was declared officially dead after missing for  a very long time. Like decades. Lord Lucan was a British peer suspected of murder and then subsequently disappeared in 1974. Oh my Lakshmi. Born into an Anglo-Irish ARISOCRATIC family he was the eldest son of the 6th earl of Lucan. He attended Eton College then later served with the Coldstream Guards. Later, he developed a taste for gambling and was very well skilled at backgammon and bridge. We all have to be good at something. And while his losses exceeded his winnings he carried on. Later, he left his job at a London merchant bank and became a professional banker. He was once even considered for the role of James Bond. That face. He could’ve been a James Bond. But he never was. He was too busy doing other stuff. Like allegedly murdering people and absconding from the law. Yup.

In 1963 he married Veronica Duncan and the couple had 3 children. In 1972 the marriage broke down and he moved out of the family home. A bitter custody battle ensued, which Lucan lost. Later, he began to spy on his wife and record their telephone convos. He was obsessed with regaining custody of his children. This fixation paired with his gambling losses affected both his life and personal finances. You see, even Lords have problems just like us regular folk.

On the evening of 7 November 1974, the children’s nanny, Sandra Rivett, was bludgeoned to death in the basement of the Lucan family home. Lady Lucan was also attacked; she later identified Lord Lucan as her assailant. Oh my Lakshmi. The wife went and blamed her husband. Anyway, as the police began their murder investigation, Lucan telephoned his mother, asking her to collect the children, then drove to a friend’s house in East Sussex. Hours later, he left the property and was never seen again. The car was later found abandoned and it contained blood stains and a piece of bandaged lead pipe similar to one found at the crime scene. A warrant for Lucan’s arrest was issued a few days later, and in his absence the inquest into Rivett’s death named him as her murderer.

Since Rivett’s murder, there have been hundreds of reported sightings of him in various parts of the world. Lucan has never been found and is presumed, for legal purposes to have died in 1981. He was declared dead in 1999 and a death certificate was finally issued yesterday 3 February 2016. That means Lucan’s eldest son can now take his father’s title making him the 8th Earl. And at the end of the day, it is ALL about titles. But usually it is all about the bass.

Below is a picture of the happy family before all that mess started. Lord and Lady Lucan with child 1 of 3.

George Bingham, pictured as a young boy with his father, the missing Lord Lucan and his mother

Below is the son of Lucan. He has a title now and am guessing his wife has one too. Ain’t life grand?

His son George Bingham (pictured with wife Anne-Sofie Foghsgaard) has now been granted a death certificate

Pictured below is the nanny Sandra Rivett who was found murdered.


Below is a picture of Lady Lucan pictured yesterday. At age 78, she has endured much. But still kept her title. Go girl. Keep that title.

The wife of long-lost peer Lord Lucan has been seen out in public for the first time since her husband was officially declared dead

And finally, one more picture….





  1. Yvonne · February 4, 2016

    I like that last picture! 🙂

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