A 4BR House in London Town

It may look like many other mansions that grace the streets of Central London, but this four-bedroom house on Victoria Road in Kensington is the most exclusive home currently for sale in the UK

Salutations. Feast your eyes on this 4 bedroom house in London Town. It is located on Victoria Road in Kensington. This is actually Britain’s most EXPENSIVE street, where the average house price is 8 million pounds. I would like to add that I don’t live on this street. In fact, no one I know lives on this street. Does anyone live on this street? I see cars but NO people.

I have waxed lyrical about house prices in London for at least a New York minute in previous blog posts. House prices are pretty high in London Town. You should check out my other posts on house prices. I would if I were you.

This is the first property on this street to go on the market since 2013. Not that shocking. And I bet you £1 that most of the people who live on this street are Russian oligarchs.  Hey, I’ve got nothing against Russian oligarchs-some of them are my best friends. I wish. But this street and these prices deter normal working-class people from buying and owning their own homes. In fact, housing is a major issue here in the UK. There are not enough houses for the people who live here. Sure, we can build more houses- but we are only a small island. Plus, the houses that do exist are terribly expensive. It is not all gloom and doom (yes it is) and getting onto the property market can be pretty difficult. Lots of people live with their parents until their mid 30’s and when they eventually move out, they have to go to the bank of ‘Mum and Dad.’ for help with the deposit. The struggle is real.

The house pictured is 3K square feet. Yeah, its nice but inside it looks like a hotel. I don’t want to live in a hotel-I want a home. Also, the house is listed with all of its amenities and states that it is ‘at the good end of road.’ I don’t even know what that means. I know you can live on the wrong side of the tracks but I had no idea there was a good end and bad end of a road. Sheesh.

Here are some pictures of what it looks like on the inside. What do you think?

Not only is the house located on the UK's most expensive street, but it sits on the good end of the exclusive road, slightly set back from busy Kensington High Street.  Pictured, the mansion's grand reception room


If it's not enough to be on the right end of the most exclusive road in the UK, the house has an extra USP. The unique grand entrance hall has a dome-shaped glass roof and mirrored walls 


On the upper two floors are the four bedrooms and four bathrooms, with an additional terrace off the master suite. Subtle taupe tones and dark wood create a classy color palette throughout the luxurious home

And here is the garden. My garden is bigger and I have grass. Just sayin’.

The 3,000sqft property was refurbished eight years ago and spreads over four floors. Pictured, the patio area

Nice floors though…

Plush fabrics and and rugs add to the luxury feel of the property's dining room and there's a generous smattering of chandeliers too

And here is the kitchen. Very white. No chocolate fondues happening in this kitchen.

On the ground floor there is a large and bright kitchen breakfast room with doors leading out to a patio garden


So there you have it. If you ARE interested, you can contact the Black Sea Estates at www. bse.London. They will tell you it is listed for £7,950,000.  All Russian oligarchs are welcome to apply.




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