Turnip Toffs

Salutations. I am guessing you know what a turnip is. But chances are that you may not know the meaning of the word ‘toff.’ I am happy to help. You are welcome. Here in England the word ‘toff’ is a funny one. When I first heard it I thought it was a reference to toffee-sounds plausible right? But I was terribly wrong. It happens. But not often. I kid. Anyway, the word ‘toff’ is a British word and is a derogatory word as it refers to someone who is rich or upper-class. Back home in the US, we have similar words and phrases to describe the mega rich. I did so recently in yesterday’s blog when I referred to Pippa’s new boyfriend as ‘Richie Rich.’ It just means you are RICH. And maybe I am a little green. But I have to admit, I am grateful for what I have. So yeah, you are a ‘toff’ if you are RICH. Also, the word also means: to be smartly dressed.  “He was all toffed up in officer’s broadcloth” don’t worry if you don’t know what it means-you are not alone. But it means:he dresses rather well and am guessing he is an officer.

Toff. So now you know. Allow me to finally arrive at my point. So, despite the serious heavy news in the broadsheets today, I again focus on soft, fluffy and gooey stories. Enjoy. So, it was reported that our Kate and William-I mean The Duchess of Cambridge and the future King of England have turned their backs on their London friends and have a whole new set of friends in Norfolk, where they now reside. Their new friends, are being hailed as ‘turnip toffs.’ I still can’t figure out if that is a compliment or not but it refers to their upper class status. Now that Kate and Will are living in Norfolk they are now ‘Norfolk folk’ instead of ‘London folk.’ Let’s meet them, shall we?

Kate’s right hand woman is Norfolk girl Sophie Carter. She is 34 and godmother to Princess Charlotte. Sophie and Kate have been friends for many years and often attend the same parties. She is an expert in early years learning-having worked in a nursery and been a prep school teacher. Ok. Respect. I eat a lot of cakes-but that doesn’t make me an expert baker. But our Sophie is a Durham graduate-so I have mad respect for her, as we probably walked the same cobblestone paths and probably sat in the same pubs and ate chips in Durham. Also she has developed a phonics educational app called ‘Hip Hop Hen.’ Here she is pictured below.

Sophie Carter

William’s trusted childhood chum is 37 year old William van Cutsem. In fact, van Cutsem’s mum, Emilie, proved to be an important maternal figure to Prince William after Diana died. William van Cutsem lives on a 4K estate a half an hour from William near SWAFFAM. Here he is pictured below, he is often described as ‘tall, handsome, debonair, loyal and discreet.’

One man can be said to have inspired the royal decampment to North Norfolk — and that’s Prince George’s godfather, 37-year-old William van Cutsem (pictured with wife Rosie)

He works for a property development company. Apparently he and William used to trade girlfriends. Gross.

Other turnip toffs include our Kate’s ex-boyfriend, Rupert Finch. How English is THAT name? Rupert is a lawyer and likes to play cricket. Here he is pictured with his wife, who happens to be one of Kate’s favourite designers.

Rupert Finch and Natasha Rufus Isaacs pictured at the Cartier Queen's Cup at Windsor in 2015

Next comes Davina Barber, nee Duckworth-Chad. The Duckworth-Chads are def. Turnip Toffs, and second cousins to William. Davina’s Mum was first cousin to Diana and also her bridesmaid back in the day.

Davina Duckworth-Chad and her husband Tom Barber pictured at a wedding in 2011

Of course there are more turnip toffs to speak of, but all this talk about turnips is making me hungry. At the end of the day, am sure these turnip toff type people are nice people. They probably put their trousers on one leg at a time, just like me. And just like anyone-it is important for our William and Kate to have a close knit group of friends or even vegetables-as you need 5 a day.




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