Pippa Moves In


Salutations. I would like to preface this with the fact that Pippa did not move in with ME but rather her boyfriend of TWO months. What the what? By Wednesday she will be married and by the end of the week she will be pregnant with twins. Watch this space people.

Oh sure, it is a heavy news day here in the UK (it usually is)-Scottish wages are higher than English wages for the first time EVER (wow), our Prime Minister David Cameron has some new ideas about British Muslims (careful now, David) and David Bowie’s first wife nearly walked out of Celebrity Big Brother. Yet, I choose to focus on Pippa Middleton, sister to our Kate. I mean, The Duchess of Cambridge.

So, after TWO months of dating, Pippa has moved in with her very wealthy boyfriend. Sorry, but TWO months? I could never-it would end badly and most likely in a decree nisi. But rich people are weird and they seem to be attracted to one another, like magnets. Poor Pippa has never been lucky in love, I mean, she can’t even bag a Prince like her big sis. She should probably focus on her career or at least getting one. Zing. Please excuse me, I am not normally this mean. Much.

So, Pippa moved in with James Matthews (isn’t he a singer? Oh no, that is Dave Matthews). Anyway, Pippa recently ended her 3 year affair with Nico her hedge fund boyfriend. Look, I hope she’s happy. But one word comes to mind: REBOUND. So, Pippa and her boyfriend have set up home in Chelsea. Do you have any idea of expensive it is to live in Chelsea? Even the homeless people are posh there. I kid not. Here is a picture of HIS house-the one she moved into. It is a 5 story house, stucco fronted Chelsea property.

Mr Matthews has submitted plans for a first-floor extension to the five-storey, stucco-fronted Chelsea property (pictured) which he bought in 2014

Like I said, you have to have mega bucks to live in Chelsea. But why is Pippa with Richie Rich? Why couldn’t she fall in love and move in with a busker from Camden? Oh look there goes a unicorn.  As for Mr. Matthews, he is behaving rather like a peacock, he is proudly strutting his stuff and telling everyone how Pippa has moved in. James Matthews is 40 years old, an Old Etonian and Chief Executive of Eden Rock Capital Management, which he founded in 2001. So, it is clear that Matthews is more than a little financially secure. Good for him.

One last thing. I promise a serious news worthy topic tomorrow. But for now, Pippa has moved in. That’s right. How sad that when you are a ‘celeb’ that you can’t leave your house at the same time. #Celebrityproblemsforsure.


James Matthews at Rasoi in Chelsea

Pippa Middleton's new beau, James Matthews, was seen leaving Rasoi in London's Chelsea on Thursday as Miss Middleton looks on. The could are thought to have moved in together after two months of dating



One comment

  1. Yvonne · January 18, 2016

    Is that the happy couple in the last photo? Is she required to stay 10 paces behind him or something? Meh. Rich folks.

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