South Africans in the UK


I know TWO South Africans here in London Town.  But I can assure you there are plenty more, in fact there are over half a million South Africans who currently call the UK ‘home’ according to the 2001 UK Census.  In fact, London has the SECOND biggest number of South African expatriates in the Western world. University towns such as Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Bristol have high clusters of South African-born people.

Notable South Africans in the UK

  • The 2 people I know
  • Jani Allan-Journalist and radio personality
  • Jade Dernbach-English cricketer
  • Kevin Pietersen-Former English Cricket Captain (Hey KP, I just bought your autobiography. I know a lot of people are not that keen on you. I happen to like you. I like how you handle adversity. PLUS, I sat where you used to sit in the English cricket dressing room-so I feel we are connected in some way. Yeah)
  • Tokelo Ranti-Professional footballer
  • Laurens van der Post-Writer and Conservationist

People with South African Ancestry

  • Joan Collins, Jackie Collins-You should know who they are.
  • Christian Bale-Actor
  • Andrew Strauss-England Cricketer
  • Daniel Radcliffe-You better know who he is. Just sayin’

There are loads more notable South African people residing in the UK but I have only listed a few.   I hope to visit South Africa one day in the distant future. An American in London visiting South Africa for the first time…a bit long for a blog title but it could happen. Watch this space people.






  1. lloyd de Freitas · January 15, 2016

    How much did you pay for the KP autobiography? There is a trip to S.A being planned by Ann Porter in Sept 2016

    • samdfb1 · January 15, 2016

      Ahhh. Dad, I was hoping you were not going to read my blog. Sometimes you don’t read it for WEEKS. Never you mind how much I paid-but you can collect the book when you come to Blighty-as it is too heavy to post. Ok, bye. love, your FAVOURITE daughter.

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