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Greetings. Let me preface this by saying that we do NOT eat armadillos here in the UK. But the plight of Gretel the armadillo in a zoo in Sussex, who is terribly overvweight has prompted me to examine my own eating habits. Gretel is kind of cute and with her added girth, there is more of her to love. However, zoo officials have put her on a strict diet as Gretel has the tenedency to overeat. Yeah girl, we’ve all been there. If you want to know more about Gretel, check out this link.

As for me, I am a foodie for sure. This is evident in my very first post here on WordPress which you can read here:

Anyway, like I said-I am a foodie. I eat loads. Although I am a vegetarian I do cook meat for my meat-eating friends and family. The beef is very good here in the UK (although we eat lamb from New Zealand-despite the plethora of lamb here). No one really thinks about mad cow disease anymore. I mean we’ve got bigger problems to think about-like the current Conservative Government…but I digress. So, yeah meat is good. Bacon is awfully good here. I mean, look at this picture:

Food in the UK is pretty good. The French may not agree. But check this. It is cold, damp and rainy here-on the best of days. We need fuel in the form of food to keep us going. Some of my favourites are:

Fish and chips

Bubble and squeak. It is left over from Sunday Roast-where you shallow fry the leftover veggies like cabbage, peas, brussel sprouts et al-you then mix it up with mashed potatoes and fry it. Really delicious.

And of course the beef, pork and lamb are all very tasty here. I remember it well when i was a meat eater way back when, so long ago. As for desserts, British desserts are amazing and make French pastries look like snails. Hah! See what I did there? So, yeah there is trifle. Oh man, trifle is SO good-I could probably eat a whole one on my own.


There is also ‘spotted dick’ yesΒ  I know the name is a bit erm…not politically correct, but check out the picture:


Of course there are loads more foods that we eat. But I have to say that my favourite is a full English Breakfast. You can also get a vegetarian option. Both are pictured below.



The food in the UK is fab. It is no wonder that our Gretel is now on a strict diet. Team Gretel. With a little more exercise and a revised eating plan you should be on your way. Come on girl, I know you can do it!






  1. Swetha M · January 13, 2016

    Everything in here looks yumm, especially that dessert, could almost dive into it!
    Hey you may not remember me, we blog-met on AmirhoseinGhazi’s site where you suggested that I read ‘The secret life of bees’ and yea took me while to get hold of the book but I did, read it and I have to say, it is one of the most heartwarming and charming books I have read in a long time. Just wanted to thank you like a 100 times over, so there! πŸ™‚

    • samdfb1 · January 13, 2016

      Ahhh! I remember. Welcome! So glad you liked the book. There is ANOTHER book she has written-can’t remember the name and I have to go and prepare the tea now, but when I remember will def. tell you. So glad you liked the book. I wish I was having trifle for dessert but sadly I am not! Sheesh. πŸ˜‰

      • Swetha M · January 13, 2016

        Hehe.. That’s alright! Tell me when you remember πŸ™‚ and do go treat yourself now and then to some awesome desserts! Thanks again!

      • samdfb1 · January 13, 2016

        ‘the invention of wings’ -really amazing. Really beautiful but centers on a painful chapter of US history. Complex and beautiful relationships highlighted. Off to eat dark chocolate-but not the same as trifle!

      • Swetha M · January 14, 2016

        Thanks, checked it out, seems very interesting, gonna give it a read πŸ™‚ I hope u enjoyed the dark choc!

      • samdfb1 · January 14, 2016

        Oh great. It is very interesting book and a bit hard to swallow in some parts, but history usually is. The dark chocolate was great-I probably ate too much! πŸ˜‰

      • Swetha M · January 14, 2016

        True, history is usually filled with unbelievable details. I can never decide if it’s an imaginative fabrication by the writer or the truth. I am also looking into Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. She was mind blowing with Gone Girl so I am guessing this should be somewhat cool.
        And you can never have enough choc, I like to think of it as how Bill Murray explained, chocolate comes from cocoa and that’s a Tree/ plant so that makes chocolate salad! πŸ˜›

      • samdfb1 · January 14, 2016

        All very true. The DETAILS and peoples perceptions can be a bit disturbing. I haven’t read anything by Gillian Flynn but will def. check her out. Yes, I have heard Bill Murray’s explanation on chocolate. Actually, I am considering making it one of my mantras! πŸ˜‰

  2. Yvonne · January 13, 2016

    It’s good you’re not here in Venice right now, those darn fritelle that only come out around Carnevale time have about 1,000 calories each, I swear. And, they’re so good.

    • samdfb1 · January 14, 2016

      OMG. Sounds so good. Do you eat one every day? I would. If you don’t….you should! πŸ˜‰

  3. Laura (PA Pict) · January 13, 2016

    I don’t eat anything that once had four legs but I cannot communicate how strongly my husband and kids yearn for British bacon. They are pretty happy with American bacon but it cannot compare to their affection for British bacon. For my part, even though we hardly ever ate them, I miss chip shop chips doused in malt vinegar. Even steak fries here in the US do not quite cut it as they don’t have that internal fluffiness to contrast with the crisp exterior. I also miss Bradan Rost salmon from Loch Fyne, where we used to live. My husband and two of our kids would miss salad cream if it was not for the fact that they insist that everyone who visits us from the UK brings some with them.

  4. samdfb1 · January 14, 2016

    I had chips doused in malt vinegar from my local chippie the other night and I was like in 7th heaven. Its funny to think that in the US, McDonalds adds 47 ingredients in their fries. here in the UK they use 3 : potatoes, oil and salt. Any more than that and the EU would be all up in arms. How funny that you now have a regular supply of salad cream. Its ok-am not a huge fan-maybe because I didn’t grow up with. One of the funniest things about me is that I am a vegetarian and my surname is ‘Bacon.’ Honest. Hello Karma, nice to meet you!

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