When Junior Doctors’ Strike

Today Junior doctors will go on strike today. As a result, thousands of patients who had scheduled appointments will not have them, and they will have to be postponed. How very sad. How very life-threatening. Sheesh. In fact, the NHS has so far postponed 4K routine treatments (and appointments and tests are also being ‘hit’). Sorry, this is not acceptable. In fact, it is down right no bueno. So, as I see it-junior doctors are putting patients lives at risk. But to be fair, I am not a junior doctor (but I do play one on tv). I can imagine you have quite a difficult job. You are probably very clever seeing that you save lives and all…when you are not striking. But to be fair, here is what the issue is about:

Why are junior doctors striking?

  • junior doctors and the goverment are having a row over a new contract.
  • Ministers offered doctors an 11% rise in basic pay last year, but that was offset by curbs to other elements of the pay package, including payments for unsociable-hours
  • The government says the changes are needed to create more seven-days services, but the BMA warns safeguards to keep a lid on excessive hours are being weakened
  • Talks restarted in December, leading to three days of strikes being called off, but these have so far failed to reach a breakthrough, which is why strikes are taking place

So those are the facts. Sorry, I still don’t get it. Here is my advice to junior doctors, should they want or need it. ‘do your work and go back to work. That is all.’

What exactly is a junior doctor?

In England there are more than 50K junior doctors. The term represents anyone who is just out of medical school to those who have a decade of experience behind them. If you want to know more about junior doctors’ check out this link


Take 2 paracetomols and call me in the morning

So, while many people support you and your decision to strike-I clearly do not. I have a healthy respect for the NHS as the US healthcare system is a quagmire on its best days.  And the NHS needs doctors who work and not strike.  Surely you must know by doing this you are potentially put patients lives at risk?

This is the FIRST strike by junior doctors over pay conditions since 1975. Like I said, please get back to work. That would be great. Thanks.







  1. LLOYD DE FREITAS · January 14, 2016

    I called you last night so “wouldn’t call again,

    Take 2 paracetomols and call me in the morning , I will check at CVS for the parasiteomol.

    DDS this morning to start work on root canal/trench, bye


    Sent from Windows Mail

    • samdfb1 · January 14, 2016

      Ok Dad. Thanks for the update. Perhaps you can send me an email so the entire world does not see our correspondence. Call you later. Love, your FAVOURITE daughter. Ok, bye. x

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