David Bowie’s Last Photo Shoot



Just wanted to share this photo of David Bowie looking rather dashing and dapper in equal measure.  The photo was part of his final photo shoot for promotional material for the release of his final album, Blackstar.







  1. Laura (PA Pict) · January 13, 2016

    Such joyful energy in this photo. The more I have thought about his death, the more incredible I find it that knowing he was dying inspired him creatively. That he invested so much energy in his last days into creating music, knowing that it was his swansong. He took something so deeply, shockingly sad as terminal illness and created something out of it. I just find that incredible and also quite a potent message in itself about making each day matter, making life matter day by day.

    • samdfb1 · January 13, 2016

      Could not agree with you more Laura. His life as well as approach to death has been inspiring, especially in regards to his creativity. Surprising that his first wife decided to continue to stay on Celebrity Big Brother, but I guess if she left early she would have forfeited the money. In the finish, you can’t take money with you-but I do realise we are all different. Happy Wednesday!

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