107 New QC’s

If you have been reading my blog for a New York minute then you know I have mad respect for The English Legal System. I often wax lyrical about it.

So today, the figures were released that a total of 107 new QC’s have been appointed in this year’s silk appointment round, including 25 women. OMG. That is terribly exciting. If you don’t know what that means, allow me to school you. Let’s do this.

So, in order to ‘take silk’ a lawyer usually has to serve as a barrister or a Scottish advocate for at least 1o years. Recently, solicitors have also been appointed Queen’s Counsel. A QC status means that they can generally charge higher fees than ordinary barristers. But really, it is about the recognition. QC-Queen’s Counsel, it just rolls right off your tongue-doesn’t it? And one day when Charles becomes King, it will be referred to as King’s Counsel or KC.

Anyway, the number of appointments is at a 5 year high. But the proportion of women has dropped compared to last year. Overall, 45% of the 238 applicants were successful, this is an increase on 2014/15 when 42% were given QC status. And while the 52% of female applicants were successful, the selection panel said that they “were concerned that the number of female applicants remains stubbornly low.” Oh honey, don’t you worry about that-I will be there imminently. Also, Black and minority ethnic (BAME) applicants made up 14% of applications-an increase from previous years. Yeah. The youngest new silk is 34 and the oldest is 57 and call dates range from 1980 to  2009. 1 Crown Office Row has the most new silks with SIX appointments. Congratulations 1 Crown Office Row.

If you want to know more about barristers and solicitors you should read my blog posts on them. You are welcome. Now please excuse me as I go wig shopping. For real.





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