My 2nd Favourite Female Royal

Zara Phillips MBE with Kris Smith (left) and Hamish McLachlan at the Gold Coast Turf Club

After Her Majesty the Queen, Zara Phillips is my 2nd favourite female Royal. Sorry Kate. Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips is the second eldest grandchild of the Queen.  She is an equestrian. It must be in her blood-those Royals sure do love horses. Anyway, Zara is pretty down to earth and always seems up for a good laugh. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and responds rather well to criticism. Recently, the press told her she had a ‘mum tum’ and that maybe she shouldn’t have one seeing that her daughter is nearly 3 years old. Zara’s response was: Kindly eff off. Those were her EXACT words. Zara is married to ex-rugby player, Mike Tindall. He seems nice but that nose, it’s been broken so many times and yet he REFUSES to fix it. I just don’t know how she can even look at him. Well, they do say love is blind. But anyway, she seems like a regular person and that is quite an accomplishment for someone in the Royal Family. I mean.

At present, our Zara is in Queensland (Gold Coast) fulfilling her role as Magic Millions Racing Woman Ambassador. I don’t know what that means, but I know that it involves horses. And the orange dress she is wearing I LOVE but at £885, it is a little on the steep side. I mean, I need to eat-among other things.

Here she is with her horse, Nakanai (although they call him ‘Shrek.) She OWNS a horse. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to own a horse? But I guess if you can shell out £885 on a dress, owning a horse is no big deal.

Magic Millions Patron  Zara Phillips with "Shreck" better known as Nakanai - posing gracefully in this image

So, Magic Millions is a thoroughbred horse auction house and Zara is their ambassador. Below she is pictured with his husband. Just TRY and NOT look at his nose.

Zara Phillips and husband Mike Tindall, pictured together in Surfers Paradise earlier in January

Also, Zara won a SILVER medal at the 2012 Olympics for…backgammon. I kid. She is a member of The Great Britain Eventing Team. Am guessing they ride horses and do fancy show jumps. So, yeah-she’s cool in my book and does not hold a royal title  or entitled to royal status by right of birth- as she and her brother are grandchildren of a monarch in the female line, and their father declined a titled in his own right. So, Zara is right up my street. We could even hang out. As well as chat and laugh with much hilarity over coffee. Invitation extended…pick up the phone Zara.





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