An Open Letter to Storm Frank

RAF chinook in Lancashire village of Croston

I recently wrote an open letter to Storm Frank. It went a little something like this:

Dear Storm Frank, you need to leave. Leave now. Kind regards, Great Britain.

The above picture shows the RAF in action as they were repairing damaged river banks, ahead of Storm Frank’s arrival. I am assuming those are bags of sand. They need to dropping life boats, but I am no flood defence expert nor am I even Dutch.

Heavy rains and gales are pounding Northern Ireland and Scotland as Storm Frank makes his presence known. Good grief. Yes, I said ‘gales.’ We don’t even use that word in America. It is largely unknown to us but then again we have tornadoes-so we kind of get it. The word that is.

The recent weather has caused flooding, power outages and has made Christmas look like a water park in sunny Florida. Except, in Florida you get to go home after the water park. These poor people, can not even return to their homes. So terribly sad. AND get this, LOOTERS are stealing things from water-submerged properties, as well as things left outside to dry out (and avoid further water damage).  These people are really rotten meanies. And that is me being nice. Jerks. In response to this, North Yorkshire Police’s acting Supt Mark Grange said: “It is impossible to comprehend why anyone would want to bring further suffering to those who are already in a very vulnerable situation.”

Dear Storm Frank, you are the UK’s 6th storm of the year and you threaten/promise to bring 6 inches of rain along with 80mph winds. Like I said earlier, you need to leave. Best, Great Britain

Below is a picture of Storm Frank, and some crazy people. I mean. What the what? Anyway, I hope the next storm-Storm Gigi wont be so bad. Storm Gigi? Yup.

Here it comes: Large waves crash over the harbour wall at Porthcawl, South Wales, as storm Frank hits the UK bringing torrential rain and winds of up to 80mph. The storm will sweep across England, Wales and Scotland today - bringing further misery to flood-ravaged homes








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