A Royal Ban

Last November, the youngest son of the Queen, Prince Edward went on a   pheasant shoot and at one point fired his shotgun just FEET away from his son’s head. What the what? Normally I like the Royals, but this is just RIDICULOUS. Who does this? Crazy people do stuff like this. Thankfully 7 year old James, Viscount Severn was not injured. Well, when his Mum Sophie Wessex saw this picture she nearly lost her mind. I mean, any normal mother would. Sophie who is married to the Queen’s youngest son (who is a knife short of a picnic) is fiercely protective when it comes to her children. She shields them from the press as much as possible. Now, she has to shield them from their own dad. I mean.

Sophie Wessex has banned her eight-year-old son, pictured together at the races on December 19, from all shoots to protect him from any unwanted attention

Now Sophie has BANNED her husband, Prince Edward from taking their son to any more pheasant shoots. Actually, Sophie is not that keen on shoots, guns etc. and she would like to ban her husband but we all know that is NOT going to happen. Baby steps, honey.

After the incident, the  Palace defended Prince Edward. That is what families do. But. Come. On. While I am not an expert on pheasant shoots or shooting of ANY kind I do know that when you go shooting pheasants, bystanders who accompany you on the shoot should be standing 10-15 feet BEHIND you. Common sense really. Am afraid Prince Edward has none. Oh dear. Now you know why Harry is my favourite. Good looks, charm AND common sense. Well, maybe not. Remember when he played strip poker in Vegas? I certainly do.




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