Happy Christmas!

Life in London

Harrods.  This is luxury shopping at its best.  For real.  Located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge.  Charles Henry Harrod first established this store in 1834 at the tender age of 25.  Harrod’s son, Charles built the business into a thriving retail operation selling medicines, perfumes, stationery, fruit and vegetables. Harrods rapidly expanded, acquired the adjoining buildings, and employed one hundred people by 1880.

I rarely go into this store.  I mean, I like nice things but I also like to eat.  This store usually has tourists from all around the world and the staff are more than equipped to assist them.  Along with their name badges are the flags of the countries denoting which languages they speak.  The staff all wear black suits and are given wardrobe pay in addition to their salary.  And of course, their work ‘uniform’ must come from Harrods.  When I do enter the hallowed halls…

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