Why You Should Come to the UK for Christmas

Why should you come to the UK for Christmas? Because duh, it rocks. Here are some specific reasons you should visit London Town and the UK in general over the Christmas period. Ok, let’s do this.

  1. It hasn’t rained in 3 days. This window is closing so hurry up, book your ticket and come. Oh and bring your brollie/umbrella.
  2. Flights to the UK are REALLY cheap now. So, come. Please.
  3. Christmas markets. Yup. Christmas markets litter every town, village and city in the UK. They are pretty fab. I recently attended one in Bath. It was GREAT. At Christmas markets, sole traders sell crafts, food, mulled wine, German sausages, French cheeses, toffee and much, much more. It is also fun to ‘haggle’ with them regarding the price. I do it ALL the time. ‘How much for this mistletoe my good sir?’  I asked. The man replied, ‘for you Missus, it is a fiver (£5.00).’ I responded: ‘Oh, ok. I only have £2.75 (bold face lie-I had £20). He replied: ‘Would  you like paper or plastic?’ Transaction completed and I walked away quickly, smiling like a fool.
  4. Ice skating in London. Get your skates on mate, there are some really lovely places to go ice skating in London. Check them out here:


5.  If you do come, there will be a plethora of mince pies (fruit-not meat) and mulled wine at almost every corner. So delicious.

6. If you come to the UK for Christmas, you will see the London Eye decorated. While there, enjoy the street performers,greasy foods and roasted chestnuts as you walk around. Lots of tourists here-so you should have NO problem fitting in. Hey, might as well go on the London Eye while you are there.

Of course there are tons more reasons why you should come to the UK for Christmas, but I have listed a few of my fav’s. And hey, if you come for Christmas, I may even buy you a pint of Guinness. Everyone wins. Merry Christmas.





  1. Yvonne · December 16, 2015

    Tell you what. Come on down to Venice, bring me a couple of those mince pies and I’ll introduce you to this wonderful city.

    • samdfb1 · December 16, 2015

      Meet ya at the airport Yvonne. 😉

  2. Yvonne · December 16, 2015

    You bet!

    • samdfb1 · December 16, 2015

      Hah! Bring gelato. The good stuff. You know which ones. 😉

      • Yvonne · December 16, 2015

        Hold on. You’re coming here. I’ll show you the gelato when you show me the mince pies.

      • samdfb1 · December 16, 2015

        Hold the phone. If you want mince pies I need to see the gelato first. Them’s the rules. 😉

      • Yvonne · December 16, 2015

        Nope, I asked for the pies first, then you hopped on the bandwagon.

      • samdfb1 · December 16, 2015

        Grrr. Busted. You got me.

      • Yvonne · December 16, 2015

        I should have been a lawyer …

      • samdfb1 · December 17, 2015

        There is still time….

  3. Yvonne · December 17, 2015

    Nah, I’m having too much fun being a sloth.

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